Cabo San Lucas – 12th Tribe
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Cabo San Lucas

Posted by Bold App on


Cabo is one of my favorite places to travel to for a quick and easy trip. (You can read about another trip, here! ) I'm telling ya, I go 2-3 times a year and love every second of it.
Long weekend craving? Cabo from LAX Southwest is a seamless 2-hour flight, quick trip through customs and you are in a tropical paradise. 
It seems to be a hot spot for Californian's, but people from all over the country make an escape to Mexico's city. Over the last few years, it is amazing to see how many advancements have been made in Cabo. New streets, hotels popping up right and left, some of the most beautiful golf clubs, and an understanding of American culture allowing for a language barrier far from none. 
While adaptation to how American's travel, the Spanish people are some of the kindest I have ever met. It is one of the reasons I love going to Cabo - the service, locals and casual run ins with people are always pleasant! A little bit different than Los Angeles sometimes. 
Any ways, let's get into it! I'll cover what was in my suitcase, where I stayed, and a low down on the wedding. Some of the takeaways that I am mentally noting for when I get married one day (one day, very far away haha).



Let's talk about packing for a three-day vacation! Especially somewhere tropical. Let's be real, you don't want to spend your time waiting for your bag after you land in a place that has the ocean calling. When time is sensitive on a short trip, I always pack a carry-on. Seems crazy since I own a fashion company and I love clothes, but I also love the simplicity and less is more! 
Below are some of my favorite picks from the Tribe that I packed with YOU guys during the live story. Holla at the tribe for helping me out with these ones. 
Now let's talk about stay! I usually like to choose boutique hotels, or hotels known mostly to Cabo visits. Something that isn't so generic and you can find anywhere. However, since this trip was for a wedding, we were booked to stay the Hilton Los Cabos Golf and Spa Resort. I'm not gonna lie, I am pretty high maintenance when it comes to my stays. I was a little bit skeptical on the one because the last Hilton I went to wasn't the jam, but this was Beautiful and a place I highly recommend staying!
Two pools, one main and one more private. Golf and tennis courts. INCREDIBLE GYM (yes, I am one of those that travel and workout), but you guys - this gym was the best. Huge cardio area, another room with TRX and boxing. So good. 
 The food was also amazing at this hotel. We did a lot of our drinking and eating at the resort. I am usually one to go go go, but I slowed down a little bit this weekend and stayed poolside. There is a ton of salt in the food in Mexico so I try to have my share of Mexican food for sure, but also start my day and snack throughout with something more subtle like egg whites and fruit! 
Now let's talk wedding in Cabo! Have any of you been debating on a wedding out of the country? Particularly in Cabo:) If not, I say do it. I meannnn I wasn't on the other end planning it, but as an attendee, it was one of the most beautiful weddings I have been too. My boyfriend is almost 30 so the number of weddings we have been too...I think almost 10 in a year. 
Cabo during June is a perfect time to not only travel, but experience an event like this. The weather is hot. but cools down perfectly to the mid 70's for the evening. I was able to wear the Send me To Sayulita Dress  to the all-white welcome party and it worked perfect *PS it's lined!*. The Sicilians Sunrise Summer Dress was my wedding dress and a little bit more casual take, but I loved it. 
One thing I LOVED about this wedding was that it was a Friday Wedding. It inspired many people to come early for the vacation part of the trip and allowed for the weekend to spend with the bride and groom by the pool. We took a trip downtown and of course went to the Office, by the beach to have dinner. If you haven't been to Mexico, this is an obligatory Dinner must. Super touristy, on the water, Cabo salespeople everywhere, but you just have to do it. Don't recommend doing family style, which they will persuade you to do because it's about $60 a person, so just be sure to research that menu and make the choice that will be best for you.
That's about it in three days, but be sure to check out the previous Cabo post for a more in-depth feel on what hidden gems are in Cabo. Furniture stores, all natural lunch spots, must see hotels and more. Below, enjoy all items from the trip linked:)
Comment below and let me know if there are any other things you want to know! You can DM me here as well:) 


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