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How To Stay Motivational & Fit

Posted by Schaeffer Carrillo on

Okay babes, this is it. New Year New You— ya feel?  No more excuses. The time is now! Okay, can I be done with the motivational spew and just get to the good stuff?
Let’s be honest— getting in shape is hard WORK. It takes determination, self control, & a positive attitude. To help ease you into a year of fitness goals & keep you motivated, we wanted to start you guys off easy. We’re going to break it down into daily habits that will improve your mornings, tricks & tips to be healthy, and lastly hand it over to our girls at Tone It Up for a quick and easy workout regime. 
Continue below to read more about how to stay fit & motivated this year. 


 5 Habits to Improve Your Morning:

  1. Play Music When You Wake Up- Turn up the tunes & let the music be a kickstart melody to your day. Whether you're getting ready or making breakfast-- that extra uplifting noise in the background sets the rhythm & the vibes. 
  2. Eat Breakfast- So important! Do not skip breakfast! Even if its just a smoothie— you need something in your body to burn & get you going. For those that tend to feel irritable, restless, or tired through out the day--breakfast could be your remedy to a perkier attitude. 
  3. Drink More Water- We may always reach for that enduring cup of coffee, however water needs to start being your vice in the mornings. Drinking more water has several benefits that help with your overall complexion, keeps you hydrated, and increases energy. 
  4. No Snooze- Resist the urge! Don't let your snooze button dictate when your day starts. 
  5. Wear Something You Feel Bomb In-  A good outfit will improve your happiness by over 100%. 'Nuff said. Nothing is better than being dressed to kill. 


To the Max Gingham Crop |  To the Max Gingham Jogger | Black Leather Cool Girl Backpack

Healthy Improvement Tips:
Get at least 7 to 8 Hours of sleep every night- I know, so much to do, so little time-- however it's essential to get your beauty rest! There are so many benefits to a well rested sleep like immune boosting, increased brain functionality, and increased productivity. Isn't it about time you finally felt well rested enough to tackle that to-do list you've been putting off (yet, again). 
Skip the elevator and take the stairs- Elevators are for the weak guys. Come on, put those glutes to work & opt out of the lazy alternative. You'll be burning twice the calories and gaining back twice the time by taking the stairs!
Cut out alcohol- HA were kidding— more like cut back, not cut out. (Let’s be real.) 
Reduce Salt intake & cut out sweets- Put down the donut & trade it in for something that will actually make you feel good! Start bringing snacks wherever you go so you don’t feel tempted to binge on the bad. For ex: apples and almond butter, heirloom tomatoes and cucumbers, or turkey slices. Start intaking food that is good for the soul.
Stay inspired- Read articles that inspire you, quotes that motivate you & surround yourself with people that uplift you. Staying inspired will motivate you to be creative and live life to the fullest. 
Good posture strengthens tummy muscles- We all love that extra slouch, but in reality it's not that pretty to look at. Make a mental note to always stand up straight even if you're just lounging on the couch with the computer. The straighter you stand the harder your tummy muscles are working!
Let's Get Physical:
Now that you've read our way of inhaling the good and exhaling the bad, its time to work it all out and hand it over to our favorite fitness gurus. The babes at Tone It Up have specialized in making workouts that are fun, quick, and easy to do. Check it out below. 
Own the year by making healthy your new habit! Click & Shop below for our favorite products to use when work outing out or staying motivated.


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