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Office Decor at 12th Tribe HQ

Posted by Schaeffer Carrillo on

We are dishing all the decor deets here at the 12th Tribe HQ. With the overwhelming amount of responses we get about our decor, we thought a breakdown of the goods would be highly beneficial. We all love a good space to decorate. Founder Demi Marchese gets all in it when she’s working with such potential. We’re talking a woman on a mission. However, with such big ideas & a friendly budget— there has to be room to negotiate. We love to snag the best deals! Instead of spending a fortune, Demi shopped smart and found the cutest decor at stores that are affordable, easy, & in abundance.  So the secret to getting a rich look on a baller’s budget? Home goods, Target, & West Elm. (In other words— every girl’s slice of heaven.) Snagging the best deals at these places start to become an obsession! If you are an avid decor shopper like us, than you know what I am talking about. 
The theme for the space speaks for itself— boho modern with a hint of Scandinavian details and global finds. 12th Tribe is a brand of bohemian details and timeless design- with that said, we created an all encompassing space. A neutral palette with simplistic furnishings is what makes the space very versatile and clean. It allows us to embellish the space with lots and lots of accents that we can easily change according to the season. Much like our clothing, we choose pieces that can be dressed up and accessorized. It helps to create an everlasting and timeless look. 
Helpful Tips for Styling a Space:
Don’t over do it- Clean and simple is always better than cramped and chaotic. 
Don’t buy on a whim- No need to impulse buy--take your time and enjoy the process. Better ideas start to flood your mind when you are willing to be patient. 
Do create levels- Creating levels with different accents is more aesthetically appealing. It gives dimensions and texture rather than having everything aligned. 
Do embrace textures- Be bold and have fun with it! Find unique and conversation starting pieces. Textures also create a more inviting and warm environment. 
The fun hasn’t ended. Shop below to snag some of our pieces and other decor details we drool over! 



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