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Ultimate Guide To Your Vintage Thrasher Shorts

Posted by Demi Marchese on

The Vintage Levi Thrasher Jean Shorts is a staple in every #TribeBabe's closet. Each pair is different and as unique as the girl rocking them. Because they are custom vintage denim, the require a bit of extra lovin and can sometimes be a bit tricky to size for yourself. Don't you worry though, this is the official 12th Tribe guide to finding and maintaining your dream shorts. We've gotcha covered, babe!
First things first! We need to figure out just what your size is, remember that it is denim that will stretch a bit as you wear them in. Most of the styles are vintage Levi 505, 515 and 517 & will hit right below your bellybutton. Every pair is unique and reworked which means that they all fit a little different and will vary in every short. The inseam averages around 2-3in. (not cuffed) and may vary. For a more boyfriend look, try going up a size or two but they will stretch looser as you wear them.
The cuff is one of our favorite ways to style the thrashers, but it is not the only way. The shorts are not originally cuffed, this is a style you can take on. If you want to keep the back longer try cuffing just the front. Feeling ambitious and wanting to make things a little cheeky? Cuff the front and back. Throw on your favorite wrap top or vintage tee and babe, you are set.
This denim is meant to be loved and lived in and we all know that life can get a little messy. You don't have to wash your thrashers after every wear. In fact, we suggest you give them a lot of memories before you decide to clean them. When it comes time to freshen them up - our first suggestion is that you put them in a baggie in the freezer over night. This will kill any bacteria and remove and odors from the denim. If they really do need to hit the machines, stick to these rules - Keep them inside out and buttoned + zipped. Wash in gentle cycle alone or with other jeans using COLD water. Put in a garment bag for extra caution. Air dry is preferred. If you want them to shrink , Tumble dry gentle on low heat in garment bag alone or with other denim.
A reminder: if you snag a pair of preorder shorts there might be a bit of a wait for us to make sure they are perfect and ready to send to you. If you see your size out of stock - check back regularly because we are always updating.

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  • Do you guys know when you are going to release more of the thrasher shorts? I want a pair before I go to Hawaii and Coachella

    Madison Teixeira on

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