Starting off 2024 going back to my roots. When I first started this company I had a blog and on this blog I shared some of the lessons I had learned in my life. In fact, it was like a reflection journal, but also included a mix of my passion for styling. Two forms of my expression in one. Writing and the creative expression through fashion. I have missed this part of me so where and when I can find space to get back to it, I am going to do so. First up, let's dive into 4 lessons I have learned running a business! 

[LESSON 1: RESILIENCE] First and foremost, resilience is key. Building a business is not a walk in the park; it's more like a marathon with hurdles. There have been moments when things didn't go as planned, but each setback taught me to get back up, reassess, and keep pushing forward. I have fallen on my face millions of times and continue to do so. What sets those apart though are the ones who continue to get up. Stay resilient to the obstacles and remember you aren't alone. Every challenge you face is an opportunity to grow. The steeper the mountain, the stronger you become. 

[LESSON 2: ADAPTABILITY] I've quickly learned the importance of adaptability. The business landscape is dynamic, and being able to pivot when needed has been crucial. Whether it's adjusting to market trends or responding to unexpected challenges, being adaptable is a skill that's continuously evolving. One of the keys to success has been the ability to react quickly. Looking at market trends, adopting the trends quickly and pivoting when needed has been extremely important. With this though I have learned it is possible to pivot and react too quickly. I am still learning the balance to have, but the most important part here is to always stay in touch with how business is changing and be open minded/willing to change course fast. 

[LESSON 3: EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION] This one has been a challenge for me due to the volume of work I have had on my plate and quite frankly has been the biggest area of improvement for me over time. However, one of the most important and integral parts of the business is communicating the changes, vision and status of the business. Especially when times are tough. I am constantly working to improve in this area, but I am learning every day how important it is to OVER communicate. 

[LESSON 4: TIME MANAGEMENT] Time management is another big lesson. With countless tasks and responsibilities, it's crucial to prioritize effectively. I take Sunday's before the week to set up my projects. Learning others skill sets quickly is a great way to start delegating and ensuring success with the delegation. I experienced burn out pretty badly, and I am starting to move away from it, but as I go into this year managing my time is extremely important for me. 

[LESSON 5: BUILDING A STRONG SOLUTION ORIENTED TEAM] I've come to appreciate the importance of building a strong team. Surrounding myself with talented individuals who share the same vision has been instrumental. A collaborative and motivated team can overcome challenges and contribute significantly to the business's success. This is a shoutout to the team here - because I have an amazing team who is solution oriented. One of the KEY traits I look for when hiring. If there is a problem, how can you creatively solve it? At 12th Tribe, each individual has an entrepreneurial spirit. You are just like the 5 people you spend most of your time with, so be sure to surround yourself with the ones who inspire you, never give up, chase their dreams, and dream big! 


In summary, building a business is a journey filled with highs and lows, victories and setbacks. The lessons I'm learning are shaping not only my business acumen but also my character. I believe that with every challenge comes an opportunity to grow, and I'm excited to see where this journey takes me. Thanks for being a part of it! If you have any insights or advice, feel free to share in the comments. Let's keep learning and growing together.

Demi Marchese