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V I B E S  OF  THE  T R  I B E


WHO is our Girl?


12th Tribe is an avid explorer. She lives a chic lifestyle, with a gypsy-like flair. She believes that life is an adventure in which you should walk unafraid, allowing yourself to be free and letting your wanderlust reign. Her home is a collection of her treasures, eclectic souvenirs, and an array of rare objects. With her effortless style and easy going, charming personality, she is able to gain access to unknown destinations and uncover hidden gems..





“Find Your Tribe and Love Them Hard”


Our vision is to provide independent women, worldwide with comfortable style and the confidence to grab life by the horns; to build a place where trendsetters, entrepreneurs, athletes, musicians, and creatives feel free to bring alive their style together as one. We’re welcoming this tribe and all of the vibes in it with open arms. We have your back just like you have ours . We envision a future together where through style and travel, inspiration and motivation will transpire. 




Having been originally inspired from 11 different countries during the Founder’s travels throughout college, a new found wonder was discovered. The 8th Wonder of the World arrives with a multitude of vibes and encompasses the beauty of travel and fashion in a new way. 12th Tribe embraces style for the global soul and provides a collection hand picked by our Tribe, each piece in mind for the girls on the go. 12th Tribe was founded October 2014 by 21 year old Demi Marchese as she was finishing College. 6 Months later she moved to Los Angeles, CA to further pursue her dream in the fashion industry and since has been fortunate to work amongst amongst, Bea Miller, Nick Jonas, Christen Press and more.  The vibes of the tribe continue to grow and we welcome you to bring new ones along.