It all starts with, YOU.
Most of the time we forget to take care of ourselves because we are so busy trying to succeed in other aspects of our life: relationships, work, family, school... the list will forever go on. However, have you ever took a step back and asked yourself the question: what am I doing to make MYSELF happy?
The crickets & unresponsiveness is enough to guarantee that's a no.
Well here is your sign, your moment, your silver lining in focusing on you and how you can improve your life solely for yourself and throw work obligations & people pleasing out the window (for a bit at least)  
Mute those phone notifications and silence your work g-chat. This moment is for you. Use these helpful tips as a guide to euphoria.



Schaeffer Carrillo


I love this!!! it is so important to take care of yourself! I usually put on a face mask and take a nice bubble bath. Also 1 hour before I go to bed I disconnect from all electronics to give myself a break

— Lauren Baumholtz

I am all about that Social Care

— Marshall

I love this! It is very important to take time out of your day and just focus on yourself. Taking a warm bath and putting on a face mask is my self care remedy. It is so important to treat yourself!:)

— Bailey

love this!! every hard working woman needs a bit of self appreciation & time for herself!

— chloe

Love this! I definitely have to take this in consideration!

— Patricia

I use cooking as a self care activity too! It’s me time that i can look forward to at the end of the day. That’s important to have, especially when you’re a busy woman!

— Mallory Lehr

Read such a relatable and important article. We all need to be taking care of our selves no matter what. Xx

— Arielle

Such an important message! In our go-go-go culture it’s so important to remember to slow down, take care of ourselves, and really enjoy life. A few things I do for self-care are go to church, make time for family and friends at least one day a weekend, and I just started Orangetheory, which I’m loving!

— Angela

I love this article! Everything said could not be more true!

— Liz

This is a much needed reminder for me to unplug once in awhile! Thank you for this!

— Alyssa

Omg love this post! Thank you so much, definitely needed going back into the school year! Xx

— Skyler Baldwin

Self Care is so important! It’s hard to take into account that we need to take care of ourselves mentally, not just physically. I love making art and working through my emotions as a way of self care! It definitely helps to have an outlet of expression!

— Ashley

These are so good!! It’s so important to take time for ourselves since life can be so crazy and hectic most of the time. I love to do my full skin care routine with masks once or twice a week and just relax with wine. Time without thinking about work or my future!

— Tara

Soooo important to make time for ourselves!! I love a night in painting and doing yoga every once in a while to ground myself!

— Emily

I love these Selfcare Tips! I totally resonate with all of them. It’s so important to make time to take care of ourselves so we can be healthy and loving human beings. I need my weekly 20 min Epsom Salt full-body bath or foot bath! ❤

— Annabella

I love these Selfcare Tips! I totally resonate with all of them. It’s so important to have make time to take care of ourselves so we can all be healthy and loving human beings. xx @msbellastyle

— Annabella B

Great tips! I love a night in with face masks & wine

— Alicia

Love all these tips! It’s so important to remember to not only focus on your physical health but your mental health as well. I will definitely need to focus on these more! My favorite self care is a nice face mask and hair treatment once a week. So relaxing!

— Nicolette Anello

Omg love this! Thank you for sharing ♥️

— Catherine

Self care is so important! I love the tips and plan to use them ASAP!

— Brittany Meredith

So interesting! I love to take long baths and moisturize!

— Bridgett

Social. Self. Care. Thank you!! It’s so important to interact and talk to others during the time of wanting to be alone! It’s so important and needed 💛💛

— Autumn

Love this! Definitely taking notes and adding to my routine!!

— Demi

Love these tips!! I’m going to use them in my normal routine now !❤️❤️

— Jacee

Great tips! These are all great ideas/reminders to add into our daily or (at the very least) weekly routine! Only thing I’d add is some animal lovin’! Gotta get some puppy kisses in regularly 🐶

— Amalia

A nice hydrating face mask!

— Lindsey

The power of a good workout, reading a good book, and wine night with the girls!!! ALL so true!

— Jess