5 Self-Care Tips During the Holidays

So, it’s finally time for the holidays, which means getting together with family to spend quality time and celebrate. There are lots of presents, cocktails, food, music and most of all, love. However, this year might be a little different. You might be spending the holidays alone because you don’t want to risk the chance of giving or getting Coronavirus or you will be getting tested for Coronavirus before going home so you can be with family. Either way, it can be stressful.

The holidays are always exciting, but can create stress. We tend to get off track of our healthy diet/routine, our sleeping patterns are off, and our lack of physical activity is making us feel sluggish. Sounds like a potential burnout, am I right?!

On the bright side, whether you are spending it alone this year or with family, you can make sure that this year you take good care of yourself and do celebrations a bit differently. We know that the holidays are all about giving and loving, so let’s love and give to ourselves the care we deserve so we can have a happy/healthy holiday!

With that, I have come up with 5 self-care tips that you can start right away this holiday season.

We all know that there is going to be a lot of food, drinks and desserts during this time so it is so important to drink water and be hydrated everyday. Water is crucial because it can reduce hunger and cravings, which will help with overeating. My recommendation is to drink half of your bodyweight in ounces every single day and add lemon to give it flavor and extra health benefits.

Allow yourself to indulge and enjoy yourself without feeling guilty that you ate too much. It’s the holidays, so really take the time to understand this. It is so easy to regret or feel guilty for overdoing it (whatever it may be for you), but just remember that you are human and it is okay to indulge! This is the time where you look at yourself in the mirror and be okay with being off track for a bit!

There is a lot going on during the holidays. From running around trying to buy gifts to hosting parties, it can be stressful and quite exhausting. Getting adequate amount of sleep during this time is crucial because the more tired you are, the more you crave unhealthy foods and tend to slack off more. Get your sleep on!

Exercising for at least 30 minutes a day can enhance your mood and make you more alert and focused. Whatever exercising means to you, do it! Go for a walk, do a HIIT workout, play basketball, you name it! Just get your body moving and break a sweat!

Relax! It’s the holidays! Try to remember that the holidays are supposed to be spent with loved ones and not meant to be so hectic. Be in the moment and appreciate all that you have. You have a body that can move, you have your health and people that love you. If you have any of those things, you are the luckiest person in the world. That is what you should be focusing on.

Have a beautiful, safe, and Happy Holiday everyone!

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Written by: Vitt
Graphics by: Kelso


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