Apartment Styling: Demi's Mini Bar Cart

Hey Loves! 

What an overdue blog post from my end! You've been asking questions about my bar cart set up for a minute and well, here I am! Finally sharing all the secrets. 

I'm a big advocate for creating a space that inspires you and the tiny details matter to me. The dollar also matters to me, so here I am to share a bar cart that is AFFORDABLE. After searching high and low and coming across only carts over $400 (wild, why!?) I landed on a timeless addition for under $200. 

With the addition of a few glassware pieces (Also affordable and picked from Crate and Barrel) as well as a pop of greenery and neutral accents, the bar cart is on it's way to being a perfect addition to playing host (when real life opens). 

See my top finds for a timeless bar cart below. I linked the actual cart a few times because it has been selling out - I hope you find one that you love! 

Thanks for joining me and I'll see you next time on Apartment Styling!  


See below on the breakdown of my bar cart and shop the bar cart on the image below or in the shop under! 



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  • Love this post! Cant wait to get the bar cart!

    Alla on

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