A 20 something-year-old Los Angeles native who takes the leap and finally moves out with two of her best girlfriends— We’ve all heard this mantra before. However, as cliché and fabulous as this sounds, do we ever stop to think … How am I going to pay for this all?! 
Moving out definitely comes with a whole laundry list of obligations & expenses. That’s why it’s so important when decorating your new home to not be overzealous and overindulge in purchasing expensive items! 
Being an avid Pinterest-er, blogger obsessed, & girl who knows how to get the most bang for her buck— I’m going to give you my best tips on how my roommates and I created the cutest beach bungalow all while being on a budget. 

Continue below for TIPS & LINKS. You can SHOP the items by clicking on the below photos!


How to Style a Beach Bungalow:
Color Palette: Neutrals, Blues, Gold, light-colored wood and greenery.
Patterns: Mudcloth, Indigo Tie-Dye & Macramé. 
Decor: Woven baskets, beach-inspired coffee table books, surfboard or surf pictures and lots of plants!

Tips When On a Budget :

Re-Use & Re-Purpose- Rummage through your garage and storage bins to find items that can be re-used as a decoration in your house. Not all decor & furniture needs to be in brand new condition. Some of the best items in my house are things I have had since I was a teenager. For example, a McCloud surfboard and a vintage photograph of my mom shredding surf at Malibu Beach.   


Reusing old items are beneficial for several reasons: 

- They become conversational pieces that lead to stories to tell your guests. 

- It adds a special element to your space that no one else will have.

- Brings a piece of home with you. 

- The best yet- saves you money!


Be Smart & Shop Wisely- Wouldn’t we love to strut into a Restoration Hardware or Anthropologie and swipe our credit card without that guilty feeling that we easily just spent our entire life’s savings? DUH, I WOULD. However, being on a post-college budget, I definitely don’t get that luxury (the act rich but ain't rich reality check). Fear not, there are plenty of stores that can still satisfy our 'inner home designer' without breaking the bank. I'm talking about stores that fly under the radar, but end up being the mecca for the most affordable, yet stylish accents in your home. 


Best places to shop: 

-Target, Home Goods & TJ Maxx: These stores are basically heaven. You go in to buy one thing and end up with two handfuls of shopping bags. (Every girl knows this struggle.) These are my favorite places to snag kitchen wear, pillows, blankets-- you name it. Not only is everything reasonably priced, but these stores have stepped up their game in supplying trendy designed pieces. 

-World Market: A great pit stop for those statement boho pieces you want displayed in your home. World Market can sometimes be on the pricey side, however, they have the best global-inspired design that gives a worldly element to your space. *always keep an eye out for discounts and promotions that they have weekly.* 

- Goodwill & Flea Markets: My roommate and I have been pleasantly surprised with the furniture we have snagged at second-hand shops. The table that we got for under the mirror was (believe it or not) only $20.00! In addition, I have been on the hunt for prints for a good 6 months and finally found some vintage surf photos at an affordable price at the Melrose flea market.  



Buy for the Future- Purchase pieces that are going to last you years and not months. The worst thing you can do is buy items that are for too current and not an investment in your future. My roommate spent a pretty penny on a massive print of the Bondi Icebergs that hangs in our living room. Yes, it may have been a huge expense at that moment, however, this is a decor piece that will be in her next apartment someday and eventually her home. 

** Tip: Before I moved out, I worked at Anthropologie (best discount ever) and would purchase glassware, books, vases etc --even though they were just being put into storage the second I got home. This was the smartest decision I made because when it came to decorating the new space when I moved out, I already had so many decor items to use instead of spending so much money at one time.


Mind Your Bar Cart-  Okay this isn’t that much of a budget tip as it is more a tip for life! Your bar cart can never be empty! If you want to be held to a high standard by your friends and be the badass boss babe we all know you are… then you always have to make sure that the bar cart is polished and supplied with a bottle for entertaining. 

Not only will it make you look like an amazing hostess, but it also keeps your bar cart pink, perfect, and poppin' (no pun intended). Not all of the rosé you buy has to break the bank. Yes, Miravel may be my own personal favorite (of course I like the expensive sh*t), however, Trader Joes is a quick life savior for an easy $8.00 rosé purchase that can get the job done. 



xx 12th Tribe

Schaeffer Carrillo


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