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Love the aesthetic of the blog, the tips, and how the looks styled match different events

— Tiara S Copeland

Love how this blog shows different looks for different types of dates!! Super cute outfits love them all.

— Jennifer Duarte

Love it

— Shawn Antonia

These outfit selections are so perfect!! ♥️ I would love to see how these could be paired with accessories! 🍒

— Britney

Now just to find someone dateable 😂

— Brinley Clark

I LOVE THIS SO MUCH🤩 dating attire has always been hard for me & this is so helpful💛

— Kayla Jochimsen

What a great tips!!! I totally agree about wear what you like and what makes you fell comfortable. In the first date you need to be yourself and I believe that the choice of the outfit can interfere a lot on that.
About the purse, of course!! In all of my dates I have always my purse with me. We never know when we are going to need “something” so I always bring with me “emergencial” Itens like you said, lipstick, floss, hand sanitizer, lotion, deodorant…etc…

— BArbara Haynes

This is literally perfect for fall! Filling my wardrobe with outfits ready for cuffing season lol

— Ashley

Some great new ideas! Love the outfit choices – perfect for fall 🍂🍁

— Amalia

Calm cool and collected is always the way to go. These outfits are peeeerfect for that! Some of my friends say not to bring a purse or even wear one, but I always bring one with all the essentials in it, love this segment! 💛

— Autumn

Love this post! Will definitely use for my next date night ideas ❤️

— Brittany Meredith

This is so creative! I absolutely love these ideas! Will definitely using this for inspiration!💗

— Ireleigh

What a beautiful post! I am always looking online for inspo when I have a date night and this was just perfect!


I love the message of self confidence in this! Thanks for all the great tips, especially #3 (I need to remember to use this lineup as a checklist for next time I go on a first date)!!

— Ellie

love this post!! so many great looks/ideas for date night! def will keep these in mind!!💘

— hanna

This is is so well done and useful 😍I whish I had it when I was younger and terrified of how to present myself on a date ahaha
I do really love the looks by the way 😍I think this will be a good inspirations for the 7 years anniversary dinner with my fiancé 😊thanks for sharing ❤️

— Marty

I love this looks for a date night! Cant wait to wear some of these bomb fits for my next date:)

— Caroline

This is a great guide to a date night look!! So helpful to get someone else’s opinions!

— Mary Grace Holman

I loveeee the outfit Inspo! the coffee date ones especially, I think because I always value comfort even when im going on a date!

— may

I loveeeee this outfit Inspo, especially the coffee date looks – I think cause they seem so comfy! I love being comfy on dates so I don’t have to worry :)

— may

Love the inspo!!! So perfect 😍

— Atarah

I love these date outfits! I Think that the key is a natural make-up but also a comfortable outfit for the best date and so thanks for the tipe!

— Martina

Love these date outfits! 😍 The perfect inspo!

— Nicole

Love these tips!! Can’t wait to put them to use! :)

— Briana Rogers

Wow!! These are fabulous first date tips! I think it’s so important to be confident and wear your best outfit. Natural makeup is key and bold mascara! I love that. My go to!! My purse is never filled with all those essentials, that’s a game changer. What a great post! Thanks for the tips!

— Erin Gardener

Awesome tips!! Needed this as I’m newly back into the satin pool lol!

— Tara

Love this tips! And those outfits! Just wow!

— Silje Ariana Steen

Great advice for first dates! I love the looks too!!

— Erin

So obsessed with all of these looks 😍

— Ashtyn

Total BS! Thank you :)

— Alexandra

I really love this!! My favorite first date night tips is really just be yourself and have fun.

— Mary

What great tips ! Thanks for sharing ♡

— Cassie e

I love the idea of getting ready on a first date. Everything is fresh and exciting. You have no idea what will happen. But you have completely control over how you get ready and how you feel about yourself before stepping out!

— Lorena Lara

I really like this kind of outfit :) perfect for the first date!

— Federica Sbordone

Yesss always wear something you feel comfortable and yourself in! And I have to agree, never forget the lip gloss hehe

— McKenzie

OMG! this is sooo helpful!!! love this

— Lauren Baumholtz

I love reading these blogs. They are simply amazing. So intriguing

— Ginger

Love this Outfits 💖 what a great blog

— Betty

Love these tips! And the outfits are so cute!😍

— SiljeAriana

Don’t be a try too hard type of girl!! Love that! Great advice!

— Jess

How cute is this blog layout and the outfits! Love these outfits!

— Mariam