Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour is shakin' off, celebrating the evolution of her music and aesthetic. Each of her albums has a distinct vibe, but with over 15 years of outfit inspiration, trying to choose what to wear to The Eras Tour may feel overwhelming! But don't worry, The Tribe has you covered!
Welcome to your Style Guide for your Taylor-inspired fashion! Feast your eyes on an eclectic mix of fashion finds from your Tribe, carefully curated to transport you into the essence of Taylor's most memorable eras. So let's turn up the music, feel the rhythm, and dance through her timeless evolution in style!

LOVER: Eras Tour Outfit Ideas

Color palette— pink, blue, lavender, and pastel rainbows and butterflies.

If a rainbow made a sound, it would be Tswift in her Lovers Era. The more sparkles the better! This era from Tay is our favorite, and her stunning looks are unforgettable!


LAVENDER HAZE: Eras Tour Outfit Ideas
Color palette— lavender, light pink, purple sequins, and sparkles of course.
Taylor once said Lavender Haze means the 'all-encompassing love glow. We love the soft tones of lavender and with a dash of sparkle, it makes the perfect fit to represent this era of Tswift.
FEARLESS: Eras Tour Outfit Ideas
Color palette— Gold EVERYTHING! With a dash of silver and diamonds.
Fearless is like a sea of gold glitter, champagne, but also gives fairytale vibes. It's a Love Story and you want to make sure you are shimmering all night in this era.
REPUTATION: Eras Tour Outfit Ideas
Color palette— black, white, silver, snakeskin, and dark rainbows.
Anyone who really listens can feel the love that seems to rise out of the darkness that is “Reputation.” This album also has an interesting blend of dark colors and with a spark. For our girlies that love dark colors and snake-like textures to fit the vibe of Reputation.
For more outfit inspo for The Eras Tour, visit our concert collection page for all style that will make you stand out in a crowd! Don't forget to tag us in your photos for a chance to be featured on our social!
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