Hey Hey! This year we’re introducing some new and improved chaps, and can’t wait to see you rockin’ them this festival season. You lost your mind over our 2023 Hartley Chaps, so it was only right that we made sure they were nothing less than PERFECT for the 2024 festival season.

You must be wondering?? How have the chaps improved from last year? Well, buckle in (haha get it) as we share a little bit about the improvements we’ve made.



The Hartley Chaps are 100% Stagecoach approved. With a new and improved belt buckle, we can guarantee that you’ll love these even more than last year’s chaps. 

We now offer black and silver chap options. Our product team has worked hard to improve the fit and introduce the new Walker Chaps in a silver sequin color.

Our silver chaps are a completely new style with the perfect fit and a hanging disc sequin. The black chaps have an updated novelty sequin and belt that can be adjusted to fit exactly how you want! 

We hope you love the new Hartley Chaps and Walker Chaps as much as we do and can’t wait to catch you at festivals in them<3




Styles Included: Walker Silver Payette Chaps, Hartley Black Sequin Chaps

Jenn Krzeminski