Follow Buddy the Elf as he adventures out from the only place he has every truly known (The North Pole) to find his biological father located in New York City. This comedic film is great for all members of the family and will get you in the Christmas spirit! You can find this film on both Hulu and Amazon Prime Video if you have a Premium subscription.
   This 2004 animated film still puts people in the jolly spirit. Take a virtual train ride late at night with a young boy to The North Pole to watch his journey of self-discovery. This movie is great to watch with anyone and will instill the feeling of wonder and belief back into your life. You can watch The Polar Express on  Amazon Prime Video with a Premium subscription and is available for rent on YouTube.
Kevin McCallister gets left behind at home accidentally by his family for the McCallister family trip to Paris. This family comedy will make you laugh and keep you on the edge of your seat as Kevin tries to protect the family's home from two con men who try to rob the McCallister's house. This 90's film is available on Disney+ if you have a subscription. It is also available on YouTube and  Amazon Prime Video to rent!
Clark Griswold wants nothing more than to have a perfect Christmas for his family even when it comes down to the Christmas tree and outside light decorations; however, nothing goes as planned for Clark. This comedic movie will make you laugh and can be found on Amazon Prime Video if you have a Premium subscription; you can also rent it on YouTube.
An absolute classic movie in which we have seen multiple variations of over the years. How the Grinch Stole Christmas is a fantasy/family film and is based off of one of the tales written by Dr. Seuss. Watch the Grinch ruin Christmas for the citizens of Whoville. However, everything changes when the Grinch meets Cindy Lou Who. You can watch on Netflix or you can rent it on Amazon Prime Video and YouTube.
   Scott, a divorced dad that has full custody of his son, accidentally kills a man wearing a Santa suit. Before he knows it, they are in The North Pole and Scott has been promoted as Santa for the following Christmas season. Watch Scott's journey unfold as he begins to look more and more like Santa and begins to play the role in preparation for Christmas. You can find The Santa Clause on Disney+, Amazon Prime Video (for rent), and YouTube (for rent).
   A classic Tim Burton film that integrates Halloween and Christmas. This 90's animated film illustrates Jack Skellington's adventure as Pumpkin King and his growing boredom of Halloween. He discovers Christmastown which sparks new ideas. Jack kidnaps Santa Claus and plans to make Christmas his own, however, everything begins to fall apart. You can find The Nightmare Before Christmas on Disney+ or it can be rented on YouTube and bought on Amazon Prime Video.
After the citizens of his town notice that he is the worst postman, the postman travels to a frozen town up North where he finds Santa Claus hiding out. This 2019 animated film is a Netflix original and can be watched here
Written by: Kelso Brown
Graphics by: Kelso Brown
Lina Park


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