Things We Can Be Grateful For This Upcoming Season

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The holiday season is just around the corner. With COVID-19, we are sure that many traditions and normal seasonal routines may look a little bit different. Although the world is pretty chaotic right now and there continues to be a great amount of uncertainty, don't forget to take some time for your mental health while counting your blessings. With this, we think it is important to try to look on the bright side. Keep reading to learn about what we can be grateful for during this upcoming season; in a time of a world pandemic, politics, personal challenges, and more. Feel free to share what you are thankful for in the blog comments. 

1. This unusual period has allowed everyone to spend a bit more time with themselves. We have been able to learn about new hobbies and passions that entertain and challenge us; we have some more time in our day to do what we love and take care of our physical and mental health. If anything, this year has taught us that self care matters! 

2. The world slowed down around us, but we can be grateful for our favorite artists and bands pursuing their dreams and giving us new music to listen to during these many months of quarantining and social distancing. New ways in music have sparked, such as virtual concerts with exclusive performances. We can be thankful that music has given us a sense of community and something to look forward to in a time when not much future planning can happen. 

3. Leave it to the innovators and creatives to keep the world spinning. For this upcoming season of thankfulness, we can be grateful for others' new ideas and us finding new passions and pleasures. Although the adjustment to a new "normal" has been nothing short of difficult, zoom dates, Tik Tok trends, and new social phenomena have allowed individuals to take their minds off of the craziness and focus on newer, happier things. I recommend checking out Window Swap. It is a cool website that allows you to virtually travel around the world, looking outside other peoples' windows. 


4. If anything, we can be grateful for technology. It has allowed us to connect with out friends, family, and significant others during quarantine and the continuation of social distancing. Also, technology has allowed others to continue working or has allowed students to continue their education. If you can't visit home for the upcoming holiday seasons, take advantage of the technology around you.

5. The world paused and although it may feel like we are still living in the month of March and no time has passed, we can be grateful that we have been able to stop and smell the roses. We can be thankful that we have had time to stop and live more in the present. Many have had more time to spend with their loved ones in the household and even with their pets. In a way, this has been a silver lining in an otherwise dark and trying time. 

6. We've relied on our friends to get us through the past several months of stress, anxiety, uncertainty, and personal challenges. Regardless if it has been virtual or in-person, friendships have continued on despite the constraints in lack of face-to-face interaction. 

Written by: Kelso Brown
Graphics by: Kelso Brown


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