This year handed all of us unprecedented times. As our biggest season of the year approached, we prepared for Festival Season 2020 like never before. Inventory was prepared at our warehouse, campaigns had been launched and our entire store was getting ready to service the Coachella nation. Within a week, our business quickly changed. All festivals were cancelled, travel was halted and everyone wanted to live in loungewear. We were sitting on inventory that no one felt the need for and thousands of dollars were spent on creating campaigns focused around dancing in the desert. Then overnight, 12th Tribe stopped. 12th Tribe completely halted, sales stopped, production closed, and for a moment, I felt my entire career and others could be pulled out from under.

The reality is that for a little bit, we were all scared. Everyone in the entire world was, but especially business owners and their teams. As a team, as a tribe, we were determined to figure it out. To not only hold onto our jobs and our income, but also to stand strong as a brand and be reliable for the community we created. Throughout that time, you helped us by donating masks to PPE, purchased our Choose Empathy Sweatshirts to donate funds for The Loveland Foundation and believed in us to develop new collections.

I can humbly say that while we had faced a roller coaster of events, we pivoted quickly, put our backs against the wall, and have been able to persevere. As a result of the stay at home culture, we quickly designed our first lounge collection - The Elevate Collection! A collection that will always remind me to elevate through the hardest times.

I feel extremely fortunate to be coming out strong with my team right now (man, we’ve been through it all!), and for that, we want to thank you. Thank you for supporting this small business, Thank you for believing in us, and thank you for being in our tribe.

Written by: Demi Marchese
Graphics by: Kelso Brown
Lina Park


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