Inspired in India: Introducing Goa, Mumbai and Jaipur 

I am so excited to share my experience traveling in India with you. This trip was truly such a special experience and brought all my “Eat, Pray, Love” dreams to life. We traveled to Goa, Mumbai, and Jaipur to create the magic behind our Escape With Us: India summer collection. While our mission was to create and capture, I went home feeling more inspired and enlightened than ever.  

Our First Stop: 1 Night in Mumbai 

We spent just one night in the vibrant heart of Mumbai, where we primarily stayed on the grounds and explored. This city was unlike any other city I have ever seen, full of rich history, diverse culture and modern dynamism. As busy as the streets were, they were filled with the most kind hearted people. 

We stayed at the luxurious Taj Palace Hotel, overlooking the Gateway of India and the Arabian Sea. I was taken away by the iconic architecture…truly felt like staying in a castle. During the day, visiting the street markets is a must! We explored Colaba Causeway and Crawford market and found ourselves indulging in all the street food. 

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What I Wore

Styles Featured: Paola Beige Boho Maxi Dress

Goa: A Hidden Tropical Oasis

Goa was not what I was expecting at all. Right when we got there, I felt like I was in Bali… and I loveee Bali. We knew we found the tropical paradise of India: sun-kissed beaches, lush landscapes, colorful houses lining its charming streets. What stood out to us the most was the vibrant nightlife! The night culture there was so unique, kids and families were out and about till late at night. 

If you're looking for a sunset cocktail.. Or maybe even a fun night out, visit Thalassa Goa or Kiki Goa. These were by far our two favorite beach clubs, with amazing drinks and a contagious atmosphere. Tulum has some competition! 

What I Wore

Styles Featured: Bora Bora Abstract Romper

Jaipur: The Pink City 

Jaipur known as the “pink City”  is known for it’s magnificent palaces and pink colored buildings that cover the city. Here you will find a glimpse into India’s royal past.. And you will truly feel the presence of it too. The city’s rich heritage is also reflected in its bustling bazaars, where you can shop for traditional Rajasthani crafts, jewelry, and textiles. For me, this trip was to be inspired back into a world of new culture full of fashion, values and architecture. I found a new level of creativity in this city and I’d recommend stopping here to anyone!

What I Wore

Emily Horvath