What every girl needs: a guide to get her prepared  & in tip top shape for the best season of the year. Here is your bible for what to wear, how to wear it, and where to wear it too. No need to spend hours staring at your closet or watching other people live their life while you scroll through Pinterest for the 100th time. Use this guide as a prelude to what is about to be your hottest summer ever (& I’m not just talking about the weather, babe).




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Loving the white trend! And these accessories are to die for! Also, really want to go to Butcher’s Daughter and take some cute pics now.

— Jess

Wow love it!

— Mariegrace

Love the styles! Definitely some must haves!!!

— Allie White

So gorgeous. Love the new collections

— Madeline Bingham

I love the brunch suggestions. All three of these have the best food and cutest atmosphere.

— Jessica BEGLEY

Love the inspo! Half of my summer wardrobe I picked up is white 🙌🏻

— Aneesa

All of these photos/ outfits are so light & summery! A lot of the tops you can dress up or dress down/more casual & I love that!!

— Marissa DiBenedetto

I love how summery and flower all the outfits are!! Need

— Marta Adames

I love this site. Very beautiful clothing and so many style details.

— Debora Soncini

This blog is so pretty, like really pretty and helpful! Can’t wait for more posts!

— Kelsey

Love the inspo and content of this blog !

— Stephanie

Amazing styles and advice! Love love love this blog and everything it has to offer, along with all the new styles!

— Kaylee

I am soo ready for summer vibes ☀

— Crystal

DONE IT AGAIN!! So good babes 🕊

— Taylor Hudson

This blog is so helpful on how to style for summer!

— Corinne

Love this post! Super helpful 😍

— Zoie McNeely

Love this blog!!!

— Taylor

Love this blog! Got some great ideas for all my summer plans

— Brittany Meredith

This is the cutest blog! 😍

— Nicole

Love it!! Such a great post!! Absolutely love your blog, clothes and vibes!! ♥️♥️

— Lisa

Love this blog

— Jessica

Love Malibu Farm! Can’t wait until for my stuff to be delivered!

— Marrissa

Love this! So inspiring!

— Angelika Braham

I am in love with that cool stuff! Go on Girls! Amazing colours and work ☀️🌸

— Nina

Dang, such a fun and pretty blog! I really like how Schaeffer wrote this piece. 👍

— Trisha

I loveeeee this blog. Such an awesome aesthetic😍

— Katie

This is my fave blog post to date! I especially love the summer essentials tips and where to brunch by the beach. I hope to gather with all the 12thTRIBE Babes soon ♡

— Annabella Baluyut

Such a helpful guide! Loved the part about accessories!

— Ally Till

Obsessed!! I need everything for Italy 🦋

— Catherine