A tribe women's confidence stems from beauty inside and out. She radiates a breathe of fresh air, exudes humility, and holds true to herself against all outside forces. Sami is one of the first Tribe Babe's we're bringing live because of just this. We're crushing not only her perfect lips and killer legs, but a ridiculously down to earth character.  We had the pleasure to shoot with her and the Tribe's photographer, Alex Mcdonell through the streets of Los Angeles, and sat to get the low down on style, life in the industry and advice to any future Tribe Babe!


1. Whats your go to look for day and night? 


My go to look for day and night is the look of not trying, but I really am (if that makes sense). I always love to show off a leg.  A pair of shorts with a band tee, and my nike sneakers or vans, is a done deal for my day look. My go to night look, is a great fitted pair of jeans, with my over the knee Stuart Weitzman boots. Simple, but sexy, for my night is what I like to convey. 


2. You're killing the game in some of the latest top music videos to hit. Yup, we caught you in Nick Jonas "Levels" and MKTO "Bad Girls". Were these your first videos? Tell us a little bit about getting started in the industry along with modeling and acting.


Both of those videos were an awesome experience, but they were not my first! My first ever music video was an Australian band, The Rubens “The Best We Got”.  From then on, they stuck with me; being so fortunate to work with people like Nicki Minaj, Jessie J, Ariana Grande, Alesso, and Calvin Harris!  

Getting started for me was getting comfortable in front of a camera, with test shoots and meeting all the right people. From there, I knew someone who introduced me to agencies, and also went on my own to open calls to show off my book. Being confident, is having practice, so being in front of a camera as much as possible is a must. Acting started up later on in my career, after I filmed my first national commercial as a “dumb pageant girl” for Esurance. From there I got into a class and started putting more on tape to get an agent! 


3. For girls looking to pursue a career in the industry, what advice to you have for them?


My advice is never loose yourself. Your originality is what makes you stand out in this industry. You can easily get caught up in the rejection and trying to be something your not, be YOU, because it is good enough. 


4. With the long days and nights while shooting, any beauty tips to staying healthy?


Having so much make up on and having the long nights, I always drink a lot of water, and in the morning a hot cup of water with lots of lemon. It’s so good for your skin, to keep a healthy glow on camera. Food is so important for me. Im a big eater, so eating the right things to keep my energy level up for the long hours is crucial. 


5. What does it mean to you to be a part of the Tribe?

Being apart of the tribe is being apart of a family. Everyone apart of the tribe are strong women, so its empowering to be around the tribe girls who want the same thing as you. Hard work and positive energy is what these babes give off. I am a tribe babe and proud of it!


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