Regret or A Chance to Learn?

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This weekend I spent the morning with a good girl friend who is a business owner as well. There's nothing more inspiring, reassuring and empowering than connecting with like minded entrepreneurs who are launching a business of their own. Especially another girl. There's a bond that occurs between females who decide to take on this career route and I've found myself very lucky to find ladies who I can bounce ideas with - it has allowed me to broaden my perspective, and gives us the chance to offer advice in areas they because realistically one of us has been through it.
One of the best part about these connections being made is that it's one big support system. Granted, we all know there can be those who don't always have your best interest, but you choose them wisely and you will see there is something precious about the women you stay connected with.
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Morning Discussions with an Inspiring Women

After yesterday morning's coffee and farmers market stroll with a mega babe and might I say super badass, girl boss, I shared with her what I am about to share with you. I tell you this because I think it is important not only when building a business, but in every aspect of our lives. 
Are you familiar with the law of attraction? Well, an easy way to explain it is everything you put out in the universe you will receive. If you focus on the bad, only bad will come your way, however if you look at what's positive, you will start to see brighter lights ahead. Sounds simple right? Although, you'd be surprise how often we find ourselves doing the opposite. 
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We are constantly putting ourselves in new circumstances that are ultimately setting us up for either success or failure. Chance is, something isn't going to go exactly how you had planned it. Although, how you choose to react to that mishap, is what determines your entire attitude, and potentially your future. 
As business owners the nature of the beast is failure, and LOTS of trial and error. They are fundamental aspects to growing and without them we'd be at a standstill. During the conversation I had yesterday morning with my gal pal, I got asked a questions that sparks this blog today. Do you regret it? Do you think it was a waste?

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Regret or a Waste? Neither. 

In response, regret or a waste...definitely not. In fact I'd say just the opposite, which is bold of me to say because I never use to answer this question like that. I had the tendency to look at situations I messed up in with regret or I would see it as a big waste of time. Truth be told, I would beat myself up over it. However not one thing I go through nowadays is neither. Regret or a waste has been x'd from my vocabulary, and it should b e from your as well. 


In each circumstance, even if it turns into the biggest disaster, it allows me to evolve and grow. I learn SO much from every new challenge I take on, each new person I meet, and yes, any failure is more so beneficial than not. If it involves money, yes that sucks, but money isn't everything, and it will come back around. There are millions of takeaways that you may not realize right away in the heat of a moment, but I guarantee if you sit back, cool off and look a the bigger picture with even a slightly altered perspective you can find why "the worst day ever" really wasn't that bad. 


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