Over the last year I've placed my hands in more areas of this business than if I were to have worked for someone else. From picking up boxes and carrying them 5 flights of stairs, photography, styling, and all to accounting, coding and yes, a little bit more. I've submerged myself into areas I didn't know I was capable of doing and through the process have found enjoyment in (most)  them. Don't get me wrong, I've loved crunching numbers and all, but more of my bone is on the creative end of this:) 
Intertwined in these diversified skill sets I've seemingly discovered among myself, I've found myself receiving feedback about the branding. 
Branding is like telling a story. It is made up of who, what, where, and why behind a product, and is the ultimate differentiator behind our markets similar products. Growing up I was drawn to Nasty Gal during high school because they really made you feel like you were a part of the cool group's style. They captured the essence of a super edgy chic who can go against all of the style rules to create what is really theirs. I was inspired by how apart of this brand I felt, even though they really had no idea who I was, and I had no idea who they were. Although, I felt like I knew. 
I can say that the brand had originally inspired my notion to want to build one of my own because I understood the power it can have on making a girl, or guy, feel whole and a part of something. 
As an eye deeply rooted within creating the brand, I think that is important to provide a family like, or tribe, feel alive. What does this mean? Well, first and foremost it's the reason for the word "tribe" - it's the new girl gang, or squad, where each girl has the others girls back. They push one another to be successful and root them on to pursue their dreams. Growing up I was constantly writing, but most of the time my writing incorporated a motivational theme that would hopefully provide someone with a feeling of inspiration to take even a small step forward. It's since then, become an integral part of the brand. 
There are so many different aspect of this business that must be thought out in order to create a cohesive brand image. Another important one that I've found myself integrating in 12th Tribe is the logo itself. With help from an amazing friend to create it, there is a subliminal meaning within the icons that you may have not known. See the arrow? There's a little bit more than arrow there. There's a meaning that has been taken ever where with me. 
An arrow can only be shot by pulling it backward. When life is dragging you back with difficulties, it means its going to launch you into something great so just focus, and keep aiming. 
With this said, I recommend creating a logo that means more than what meets the eye. Check out Amazon for example. There is an arrow starting at the A and ends at the Z. Do you know why? Welllll.... because they have everything from A - Z! 
Branding is an exciting process of building your company. As time goes on I've found more and more of a story to unfold as the Tribe grows. Each moment we go through together has a powerful impact on what comes next in this brand's story and I'm looking forward to share more with you about the beauty behind it all. 
Demi Marchese


Love hearing your story dem!!!! It’s so inspiring to see all that you have done. Makes it obtainable for others who have the same dream to do the same.

— Taylor Chrisman