Patience is Power

Our generation has adopted the idea that everything is instant and if it's not, it's just not quick enough. Technology has amplified the speed of how quick we can retrieve anything. Groceries can be delivered to your front porch within minutes, browsers will pull up the answer to any question you have in seconds, and you can reach people who are around the world before you can blink.


This powerful tool has allowed us to create things we've never dreamed and has opened access to new possibilities. However, it has also instilled a belief and habit among us that I am even guilty of attaining. 

Patience seems more difficult than ever when we have it all right at our finger tips. We have all the necessary tools and resources available and it ignites the idea that we should be able to get something done warp speed! 

Yes, some things we can, but many important and very special things in our lives take time. A lot of time. Relationships. Businesses. Everything. When you have a vision that keeps you up at night and is the fuel to everything you do remaining patient is by far one of the hardest things to acquire. Instant gratification, or some type of success feels so good, but let's face it when you want something big it just won't all happen right away. 

Having started a business I've had to remind myself how powerful patience truly is. A little bit harder said than done when you're always firing new and exciting ideas to work on. While I wanted to sprint through one thing to the next because it's so exciting and the reward sounds so great, it's beyond important to remember that great things come with time and through that time is a journey that is invaluable. The times I did forget the patience and rush through it, lets just say it didn't turn out A plus worthy.


Nature has an amazing way with patience. For example: you plant a seed, water it, leave it for some time, then at the right time - when all the right elements are in place - that seed turns into a flower, a vegetable or whatever seed you planted. 

Living in LA I'm surrounded by a lot of people who are in this industry. There is a lot of competition and it puts the pressure on. It's put the test of patience at an all time high! It really does. While I try to ignore the competition, I try to remind the girls (and myself) that I work with to focus on the process, enjoy the journey and make wise/careful decisions. As long as you keep your end goal in mind and go through each motion with care and attention, you will find yourself in the place you've been imagining. Patience is about laying down the groundwork and trusting it will work out. Stay away from comparing any part of yourself to others and if you still have that competitive edge, use it towards reminding yourself how much everything will be because you took the right steps, waited a little bit longer, and really took your careful time.

One of the most important things to remember when starting a business, is it's not a sprint. From a sprinter, that is not easy to say! However, we aren't here to build something quick, run out of breathe right away and burn ourselves out. It's a marathon and there will be ups and downs. It will move fast and then slow through the journey. In this marathon though we will finish and we will finish with patience:)



Demi Marchese


Wonderfully said ! And love the romper :)

— Victoria