Last year at the end of this month, my Mom and I made the first trip to LA to find a place for me to live. February 28th, 2015 I confirmed the fantasy of moving to Los Angeles was a reality. 

Having been a California native, I surprisingly hadn't been to this city much. I wasn't all that sure about it to be frank. San Diego, Bay Area...those had been my life, but with the dream to dive into the Fashion Industry, those cities weren't going to do it.

Upon beginning 12th Tribe around November earlier that year, I told myself somehow I would move to LA by March 1. How I would do it, I honestly had NO idea and it scared me shitless. How I would go from dirt poor, to somehow paying my bills in one of the most expensive cities was beside me. I will never forget searching for my apartment that weekend, and just cracking. I broke down hard. Cried my eyes out and really was so nervous I wouldn't be survive. 22 year old, post college problems were real. 

However, I learned then how crucial risk taking and goal setting truly were. After starting a business, this move was my first real test and true determinant if I could make 12th Tribe a reality.

As I mentioned, goal setting was, and still is crucial! It's important not for just business owners, but for anyone chasing their dreams. We have the ability to create our own reality. Literally, we can do and have anything we want. How? With a vision, clear goal, and the mentality no one will stop you. 

As cliche as it may be, make a dream board and put in front of you what you want. Grab a pen and paper, and write down the steps you need to take to get there. Don't do this just once, write it so many times along your journey that you could do it with your eyes closed. I write down my goals constantly, and while I may be not necessarily be thinking about them 24/7 it is in my subconscious mind and what I do ultimately begins to reflect the path necessary to get there. 

This milestone touches home right now because as this marks one year in LA, it is another chapter in my book which I hope will encourage you to take steps you have been nervous about. I talk to many people hesitant to move to a new city because of the change, I hear my friends confess hesitation to leave their job because they don't think they will find something else, but if what scares you isn't tackled head one, it will continue to eat you alive.

While I almost didn't take the leap to LA last year, I'm excited to announce that March 1, one year after I thought the city may eat me alive, the tribe will have it's very first office:) As exciting as this is, I'm realizing this is now the next "risk" in starting a business. It's daunting, uncomfortable, but SO so exciting. 

As I look back at this year right now, I can't thank the city enough for the experiences provided. Los Angeles will toughen your skin, present you with incredible opportunities, and truly test your ambition. It will give you the pure chance to create your reality so please people, fully dive in. And go ahead and start with one of my favorite motivational videos to kick your Monday off right. Thanks, Big Sean! 




Demi Marchese


Hey Demi,
I find your story super inspiring. I myself am a 22 years old, who is an aspiring entrepreneur. Ever since I can remember it has been my dream to open up my own boutique. I am graduating college in June and it’s coming to the point of my life where I need to start a career. What I really want is my own store. I would love to get any advice or intake you have for me. How did you start it all up? My biggest thing is finance’s. I have worked retail for 6 years and been a store manager for 4+ years so I have a lot of back end knowledge, it’s more of just putting my foot in the door now.

I would love to hear from you!!

Thank you so much!

-Allie Rawlins

— Allie Rawlins