12th Tribe on KTLA

Time to put Hot Girl Summer to rest and transition to Cool Girl Fall.
In case you missed it, 12th Tribe was on KTLA News (for the 2nd time HOLLA) showcasing transitional fall outfits. Our founder Demi, and Tribe babe influencers @jadelynbreier, @brenna_anastasia, @thenudefox and @piashah_ (peep our Instagram @shop12thtribe for the cutest squad pic) popped into the KTLA studio on Monday to talk about the best way to transition into your fall wardrobe at an affordable cost, we get it… it’s expensive to be cute. 

The key to fall transitional pieces is lightweight because let’s be real...it is still HOT AF right now. The looks ranged from two piece sets, oversized denim *cough cough* the Jet Setter Jacket (if you don’t have it yet, what are you waiting for?), rompers, monochromatic looks with a pop of animal print, midi dresses (Hello Gemma Dress) and Don’t. Forget. The. Accessories.

If your closet is missing any of these key pieces, don’t freak out, 12th Tribe has you covered. We’ve got everything from mustard yellow pieces, midi dresses, vintage tees, denim galore, hats, belts and so much more. 



PS- head over to our website to book an appointment for a private shopping session to get you on track for Cool Girl Fall. See ya at the showroom.


  • Merve

    Look at you girls, you‘re outfits are amazing! Love this post 😍

  • Angela

    I’ve loved 12th tribe from the moment I came across their Instagram! So crazy to see how successful and big they’ve grown in such a short time! Their company shows that if you have a dream, no matter how crazy it seems, persevere til it comes a reality!

  • Lauren Baumholtz

    YASSS GIRLS!!! Killin it!! so proud!

  • Juliana

    Loved this post! You all look amazing😍

  • Nicolette Anello

    You girls all looked so good! Loved watching you all and seeing all the fun fall looks!

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