Let’s start off by asking this question: Who has been to a festival before, and completely blanked on bringing all the necessary essentials?
You better be raising your hand because I know we’ve ALL been guilty of it before. 
That’s why the babes at 12th Tribe HQ have created their own version of a Festival First Aid Kit that will get you through festival season in true organized fashion. 
In the land of music, lost items, & chaos — you can't be caught without the proper reinforcements. 
Continue below to see what items we suggest that should always be in your backpack. 



1. Sunscreen- When the heat rays are high & the temperatures are sky-rocketing, protecting your skin is a must. Especially since you’ll be wearing close to nothing, it’s important to keep this handy all day to re-apply. 
2. Band Aids- For that moment when you realize that wearing those "size too small" boots definitely was not the best idea. Yes, I know it completed your outfit-- however now you have the blisters to show for it. Luckily, you have a pack of band aids for a quick blister fix.
3. Chapstick- Desert heat will make you dry. There is nothing worse than some cracked lips when you’re trying to rock out to your favorite artists. 
4. Gum- In my opinion, this is the first item that I will stash in my bag. Freshness goes a long way, especially when you're around people all day in tightly closed spaces. 
5. Eye Drops- For those dusty days on the festival field, a small bottle of eye drops will be helpful to keep your eyes moist & clear of harmful particles. 
6. Cash/ID- For emergency reasons, it's always smart to carry some cash on you, as well as your ID. Let's just say-- for those times that you get lost from your group (because that always seems to happen), it will be smart to make sure you have money to get you from point A to B. 
7. Portable Phone Charger- I cant imagine a worse feeling than when that 10% low battery icon comes on my screen and I still have a full day of a festival left! Leave those first world problems behind and always keep an extra battery pack by your side so you can continue documenting all those memories.
8. Plastic Baggie- An awesome trick to keep all those loose clips, hair bands, and gum stored in one place for easy access. 
9. Deodorant- All that heat and dirt is bound to catch up with you. A mini deodorant will be your life savior when you need a little freshening up before the next DJ set. 
10. Energy Bar- Running from set to set can be tiring since you’ll be burning calories left and right. As a little pick-me-up, a simple energy bar will tie you over for the long day ahead. 
11. Hand Sanitizer/ Wet Wipes- This is an obvious MUST HAVE. You can never be too prepared when it comes to cleanliness, public bathrooms, camping etc... 
12. Dry Shampoo- Whether you're camping or breaking a sweat dancing— don't let your hair suffer from the grease. Let a little can of dry shampoo keep your hair looking fresh throughout the event! 



&& of course, we wouldn't leave you high and dry without some killer looks for the rest of festival season. With Lightening In A Bottle right around the corner, we have got the threads to reign in those ethereal vibes. 
Lightening In A Bottle is for the festival babe that seeks to promote creative expression and social cohesion. Positive vibes will surround you at this music festival and will be one of the best spiritual experiences of your life. 
With that said, the fashion for this festival will definitely follow suit. We are talking lots of shimmer, metallic, fringe-- anything that screams freedom of creative expression. Below is our top picks for LIB that will undoubtedly lead you to the forefront of a spiritual oblivion.
xx 12th Tribe 


I loveee this! So helpful. Going to so many festivals this month and taking note on it all!

— jessica