Temperatures are rising and our summer styles are heating up! The island gods are calling and they want you to jet set to a tropical heaven. However, you can’t be unprepared whilst being whisked away to a coconut palace (that would just be absurd…) Let the palm trees sway and the sun kiss your skin, while your outfits do all the sweet-talking. We’ve got you covered head to toe in Tribe threads that will make your suitcase feel like a treasure chest you’ve just unlocked! 

Below we highlighted the most popular island destinations. Click on the items and SHOP! Let’s just say you’ll be living your best life in these hot af summer looks! 


NORTH SHORE SET: Head straight to the tropics with a set that screams “Aloha”. With harsh sun rays and warm waters, the North Shore Set is that light and easy breezy outfit needed to take you from the sandy beaches to the lush waterfalls. A dainty and feminine touch on a functional set that is perfect for rough terrain or a coastal stroll. 
We are obsessed with straw this season because of its' effortless way of pairing with just about anything! The Hampton Fedora and Cabo Del Sol Straw Cross Body Bag are just what you need for your vacation travels. A stylish hat to keep shade under its wide brim, and a spacious bag to carry all those girly must-haves we can't live without! 




SAIL TO POSITANO: Romantic vibes are sailing towards us and are docking into the core of our hearts. Embrace the love affair by looking your best in the Sail to Positano White Jumpsuit. A perfect nautical outfit that will leave you looking fresh and clean all while juggling that third glass of Aperol Spritz! 
For a quick dip into the turquoise depths of the Aegean Sea, don’t forget to pack the most fun and flirty lemon two-piece to date! The Becca Lemon two piece set is a sweet and dreamy representation of why we love Italy so much!  To add an extra something special to an all-white outfit, take the Cherry Island Clutch out for a spin. A fun cherry design that is the perfect accessory to compliment your personality. 



KAUAI HONEY SET: With that perfect tan, kissed by the Spanish gods- you best believe you better be rocking the Kauai Honey two piece set! From beach partying to yacht-hopping, it’s a set that is a perfect flirty addition to your already contagious energy.
With all your adventurous last-minute rendezvous, it’s important to have a cute tote that is spacious enough to hold all the goods. The Naxos Island Tote is a standout and gorgeous piece that keeps the hoarder in you under wraps. 


12th Tribe 
Schaeffer Carrillo


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Looove all of these summer looks!! Can’t wait to add to my collection for this season 💕

— Briana

Literally need all of these looks for my summer trip! Too cute 🦋💕

— Catherine