Speedplay LA x 12th Tribe

This weekend we kicked off the Road to Indio with our favorite Rooftop Fitness Studio, Speedplay LA. The private gym is nestled in Beverly Hills on the penthouse floor, providing a view of the city we love to run around in. The skyline of Los Angeles peers out into the distance and an unforgettable atmosphere was at in our hands.

On Saturday Tribe Babes joined us for a Saturday sweat at the gym and boy did we sweat. Everyone that came out worked their booties off! The circuit training class provided our Tribe Babes with a workout that hopefully got that booty a little bit sore and kicked off your weekend just the right way.


Joining us at the event was our two favorite liquid treats. Alfred Coffee + Kitchen hooked it up on the coffee front while Suja Juice kept us refreshed with cold press juices. We can't thank you two enough for being a part of the tribe this weekend. Not only did I live at Alfred's for the first year diving into their coffee every morning, but Suja has been one of my longstanding favorite refreshers since they've launched a few years ago. You guys, if you're looking to do a cleanse, I HIGHLY recommend trying them out! 

12th Tribe popped up during the mix of this jam, and we loved seeing you get festival ready. We know you're going to rock those vibes on another level running around the desert and we love that you are taking us with you! 

For all of you reading this that attended - thank you so much for joining us! We hope you had a killer time and the booties aren't hurting too bad this Monday ;) 


We'll be popping up a few more places this month before Coachella so if you missed this one, be sure to stay tuned for the next. You can shoot us an e-mail here for March 26th where we will do it all again! 


If you'd like to join us for the 1:30 class at Speedplay LA Beverly Hills THIS Saturday, March 26th please sign up below! Spaces are limited!



Can't wait to see you there!



Hope to see you there and thank you everyone who joined forces this Saturday!






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