Wow! What a month. How do I put into words the experience that unfolded over the last 45 days. Coachella was introduced to me as I began 12th Tribe last year. Fortunately, my bohemian inspired aesthetic was perfectly in line with one of the most anticipated music festivals in our country. It allowed me the ability to connect with girls all over California where I was fortunate to literally pop up shop for them and personally dress them for the festival. Did I even attend last year? Nope. Not a chance. I honestly didn't think I would even like it because I was never a "festival kinda girl". 

I am always open minded to new experiences in life and having been involved so heavily with the fashion for the festival there was no doubt in my mind I would give this weekend a chance. 

Before jumping into the thrill of the three days, the two months leading up to it is where the true thrill laid for me as an entrepreneur and fashion enthusiast. 

I launched 12th Tribe was the idea of hopefully bringing excitement, adventure and creativity into women's lives. There is nothing I love more than a female feeling like she is on top of the world because of the clothes she is wearing and not only the brand she is wearing, but becoming a part of. I am on my own cloud nine with this feeling of overwhelming joy after seeing girls truly inspired to wear 12th Tribe. I sit here wondering how am I so lucky to have these babes, who I've never even met before, sending me pictures of themselves in the outfits I style.... and at the best weekend of their life. 

There were a few ladies in particular who I had met over the last month to help them put together a look. I will never forget the texts from them last weekend sharing the excitement about their outfit, the picture and realization that these girls are really a part of this tribe. Call me crazy and insanely weird, but I may or may not have cried a little bit (at a festival...haha. Oh lord). 

Any who, to feel a part of these girls memories is more than I could ask. For them to feel so badass in threads and jewels from the Tribe is even better. 

Coachella weekend truly is one for the books. The fashion is incredible, the performances are unforgettable, and the memories every member of this tribe contributed throughout the months leading up to it, as well as throughout the weekend, are ones I will never forget. 

I had never worked so hard my in life to be completely honest. We are on a mission to do all that we can for you babes, and even in crunch time. We understand the important and pre planning to this weekend so if there was any last minute tendencies we did our very best to ship what you needed, or heck drive through Hollywood and meet you on a side street as you made your way to the festival. I kid you not...that did happen. 

My point is...we care. Truly care and I want to thank you for giving the Tribe a chance to make those outfits come to life!

Please continue tagging @shop12thtribe or heck, even texting me these photos because there is nothing more encouraging when each of you do.

Cheers to the best weekend in many of our lives.



What did we wear this weekend? So much tribe lovin. Shop the looks below!



Demi Marchese


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