There a rules that hold true for entrepreneurs. The road map we are on is unlike many others take during traditional career paths so these rules are crucial. They can often times be forgotten, but we must remember it is a mindset we have to instill and a mindset that must be continuously fueled.


As an entrepreneur you are a leader. You are a self motivator. And you must always go. There are instances where one can feel like going is no longer possible, but by fueling this mindset I refer to earlier it rejuvenates our road to motivating and inspiring others. 

One of the most important aspects to this mindset is working for your why. Understanding the meaning behind what you are doing and what it really is that wakes you up every morning to keep working  is a little idea, but explains a lot. We all know what we do, and some know how they do it, but very few people and organizations know why they do what they do. When I say Why - this has nothing to do with money. Money is a result. This is the belief and the reason you get out of bed in the morning. 

As a Women in the Fashion Industry, it may be assumed that my goal is to sell clothes, to be on top of trends, and to maybe even just look good? Disclaimer aside: if that were the case, I would be out of business and working for someone else.

Style and creativity drive me in a number of ways, but truth be told, the word within this brand's name is the real reason I do what I do and I was reminded of that by one of my favorite speakers, Simon Sinek.

Let's be honest, when I started 12th Tribe and came up with the name at my mom's kitchen table, the word Tribe didn't have a strong meaning. However, over the last year or so as I've been building this business, that meaning has further developed and is now the reason I keep on going. 

In a Tribe we feel safe. We sacrifice our comforts for yours and go the mile that needs to be for your satisfaction. This word tribe has developed into a true mission I hope to bring to the brand and while it involves any customer that snags a treasure, it is also a mission to the tribe babes within the company.

 I spend time working on this thing called, "personal development." Typically that consists of Ted Talks, Books, and Podcast from leaders of all kinds. Fun fact - I'll throw it on during a long drive, or fall asleep to the Ted Talks on Youtube :) Simon's Ted Talk continues to inspire and brings incredible points alive that I believe we, as leaders, should all remember. I may not be the biggest brand in the world, but no matter the size I hope to be a leader that keeps this mission alive and creates a safe feeling for our tribe as a member in the work place and outside of it.

If you're having a hard time feeling motivated to start your Monday at work I highly recommend going to Youtube right now and throwing on a Ted Talk or another entrepreneur/industry leader in your industry and hear what they have to say. Grab a pen and paper and then jot down what is that will get you excited at work when you are. What keeps you up at night that you are so excited to begin the next day? You're not alone if you've experienced waves of this feeling, but by writing it down it keeps it on our mind. We are visual people, right it down! 

Here a few Monday Motivators for you ladies. Enjoy:) 

P.S on a style note - these Blush Slit pants are everything right now in LA and I stole them from here if you're wondering. They are a little bit more of the blush, pink side (rather than nude) and are perfectly lightweight. Got lot's of compliments in these bad boys and the elastic waist band hooks it up for getting down on a dang good dinner;) 






Demi Marchese


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