Reality can hit you hard in the face sometimes. Whether its a good slap, or not so good, there are moments where we instantly become clearer in our purpose, what we are here to do and who we are as a person. 


Social media gives us the ability to share pieces about us we want the world to know. It allows others to relate, feel at ease, and even find inspiration. While we tend to highlight only the positive moments in our life, we can all relate that life doesn't always bring the brightest days.

This is where we get to chose vulnerability or completely hiding behind all of the perfect moments. I believe that sharing our flaws, mishaps, and bumps in our road of life means we are strong and real. There is no reason we should not be sharing the tougher times, in fact, when these moments become transparent we instantly remember we are no alone and it all a part of life. Especially our young 20's life.


Now where am I going with this? Do I have some huge secret I've been hiding? No, not at all. Although, I spent a month of my life learning bigger lessons than any other time in my life. When you truly love what you do, working doesn't seem like working. It can become an obsession though and you can get so wrapped up in your working life that "ME" comes second or even third. 

During this time I learned a lot about me, but also other people. Especially girls in our time and age. I learned about the anxiety and depression that many woman face and struggle hard to deal with. Myself included. Don't get me wrong, I consider myself strong, and I am in no way here to share a pity story, but I learned how important it is to share these littles parts of ourself to lift others in the same nature up even just a little bit. 


We must take care of ourselves. Remember the importance of balance, because for me I was unbalanced. 12th Tribe is a close small team, which means we all A LOT OF A LOT. From answering all of your emails, Facebook messages, DM's, sending out orders, dressing you in the showroom, you name it. We are going in a million different directions (wouldn't change it in the world) but forgetting to take a break and slow down can indeed occur. 

Remember to breathe, take every moment one step at a time and give yourself the attention you deserve. Before you know it, you can lose a part of you that you didn't know you could lose. Stay healthy and be you, my loves.





Demi Marchese


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