I've had my fair share of Cabo trips over the years. Living in CA, the Mexico destination is so close! This trip however, was a lot different than the rest. We tend to usually stay in Downtown Cabo. In the heart of it all. When I say the heart, I'm talking tourist central, crazy parties on the beach and a lot of people. This stay was off the beaten path about 45 minutes before heading downtown and the best stay I've had.


We stayed in San Jose, about 20 minutes from the airport, but right on the beach. The purpose of this trip: to celebrate America's birthday, not in America. Guilty! Feed our hunger for inspiration and find every surf spot for the boys.


We took you along on Snapchat (@ TRIBEVIBES) where you got to see a little bit throughout the resort and off the beaten path, but videos and pictures didn't do this spot justice. A few of you asked where we were along the way, so I had to make sure this post went up. 

Cabo Azul was out of 12th Tribe's dreams....Out of my dreams. Needless to say I was instantly soaked in inspiration and head over heels for every corner. The aesthetic was so simple with the white linens, couches and furniture, but simultaneously exuded a bohemian flare with the intricately carved dark wood and moroccan inspired lanterns. 


I could go on about the stay at Cabo Azul, but believe me it wouldn't end. I'm back in LA now and lets just say I'll look at pictures and videos almost every day. 

I'm not going to get into the food throughout our stay yet, because that deserves a post alone. In a few days I'll be sharing two crazy experiences we had when it came to food and it was not your typical taco truck show down.


Our balcony overlooked the ocean, pool and sunset each night. It was heavenly and even more heavenly was this ridiculous Mango Mornings Wrap Crop and Skirt that I had to throw in my suitcase. I'm 5'3 so the skirt was a tad bit short, but with a little heel all was good. Even if I weren't to rock the heel, this set is so worth getting it altered just a little bit for the length. Waist is a 25" and the Small is perfect. 


As for the beach, although the Tribe doesn't have swim quite yet (stay tuned), we do have some of my favorite coverups. I knew I loved the Summer Dreams Kimono, but I had no idea how big of a hit it really would be. The number of compliments on this dreamy kimono were up there. #feltloved 


I'm wearing a small here, although I have zero chest and for anyone around a B or C I would definitely do a Medium if you want to tie it up! 

When I've tag lined 12th Tribe as, "Throw us in your suitcase and take us around the world," I was not kidding. If you looked into my bag, you really would see that each piece is lightweight, easy to pack and something I could wear all throughout the trip. I love these moments, because then I see a vision come to life. It's a small feeling of accomplishment, but it feels so good:) 

As for this romper, I can't speak high about it enough. I still can't get over the price for how soft the fabric is. I love the cinch waist because I can make it fit just how I like it and on any part of my waist. I tend to snag the Medium's in pieces if I can so I can save all the Smalls for you ladies, but with this romper the Small and Medium are so close in size it doesn't even matter. I'm telling ya - the tie around the waist does wonders. Threw it over a swim suit, nude bralette, and it was the perfect day to night piece. 

You can button it up as well for a little more coverage, and for all of those ladies who think you need tata's to feel this type of romper out  - look again ;)


Pink Nights Romper is available here, but is getting super low!


Stay tuned for one more post sharing my favorite spot to grub in Mexico and follow on Snapchat for all our Tribe Travels ( SNAPCHAT HERE


Demi Marchese


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