A lot of people turn to meditating to relax there mind, but for me it's devoting time to these Monday notes. While reflecting upon your day, week or even an hour, is extremely important for it also allows a digital break from the constant connection we have to the outside world. It gives you that one on one time, that yes, we really do all need. Now, I usually take these #mondaymatters to my journal first, and away from my e-mail, social media and technology. Yes, I actually pick up a pen, put it to paper, and yes, I am that nerd with a journal. Although, with that journal, it has saved me, informed me, and shed light onto so many areas where I've grown or where I need to grow. 



Have you ever stumbled across a middle school paper your mom accidentally kept? You start to read it and laugh to yourself, because your writing seems so silly. So young. However, you then think about where you are and how you write in that moment of time, and there is probably a catastrophic difference. That difference is growth. Success and a symbol of your life moving forward into an enriching and intelligent future. 

Reflection comes up right now because on Thursday most of us shared a day with family and friends, and took a moment to remember what they are grateful for. 

This year I was thankful for a little bit more than usual. I've found knowledge in many new places, been exposed to many new experiences, and faced more obstacles than any other year of my life. I looked at the events throughout the year, and while some were exciting, some were extremely difficult.





Recently someone asked me what it meant to be on " a continual treasure hunt" (peep the insta). It reminded me about some of those harder times, but more importantly it reminded me how life is all about the journey and that is truly what I am thankful for (behind my mom and dad, of course :) ) . This treasure hunt I'm on is continual because it's not really about finding whats at the end of the rainbow or in the treasure chest. It's about experiencing life, and people. It's about making mistakes and failing. It's about loving every second of your life and learning to appreciate that there is beauty in it all. 

This treasure hunt exists in all of our lives. While some may let their hunt take them around the world, some may just walk through their neighborhood and stay close to what they are comfortable to. Either way, we are going to deal with curveballs, rollercoasters and roses in our life, but the greatest reward comes from the lesson you learn in each. At the end of the day, I'm blessed for being inspired to live this way What we must remember is enjoying all of the precious moment throughout the adventure because the prize is in the process. 


What are you thankful for?


Demi Marchese
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