As an entrepreneur creativity is wired throughout our bones. There is the business mind, the creative mind, or both. In the position we are in as a self starter, we are ultimately creating something that was never there before. So yes, our creativity spark is outrageously hungry. We are placing block on top of block, from absolutely nothing, to build a vision or dream into reality. It’s a wild concept when I really wrap my mind around it. Actually, it hadn't been something I truly let my mind devour until someone else pointed out what it really is we are doing.

Like I said, we are absorbed by creativity and constantly challenged to think of whats next. Particularly in the fashion industry, I am finding myself with continual creative spurts or the opportunity where I must have them. I’ll catch wave on an idea and run with it, obsess over it and can literally feel a fire of passion through my work. There is no better feeling in the world than when that little vision you had, really starts to become reality. Even in the slightest.


As creativity can enrich our body and keep us pushing further, the character has a mind of it’s own sometimes. That fire can just….stop, or pause, abruptly. I am human, so I will admit that there are times when I feel my creativity has run out. I’m lost. I feel as though I’ve hit a plateau and every block I place doesn’t fit right and seems to fall. I’ve come to learn that this is a natural obstacle we all come across. We must remember it’s only temporary and while frustration arises like crazyyy, it is also the test of our fourth comings and what we will do with it. It has taken me time to understand notions to get out of the rut, but I have found the most important way to push through this is to not forget what inspires and motives you the most. We must not neglect all of our passions. What decompresses us when we are stressed? We are all guilty of not paying attention to some of the things we love so much when we get so busy, but to take a break, surround yourself with something you enjoy doing (which you may have not had time to do lately), and feel what was probably that yearning need for balance. 
Try surrounding yourself with new types of people who may introduce you to a new perspective, find something that will challenge you, or just go take that walk on the beach you’ve been wanting to do. 
Inspiration comes from everywhere and to find it sometimes we just need a glance at a little something foreign. What drives you and makes you better is learning what you don't already know. I encourage you to go and get uncomfortable, open a book that will challenge you or submerge yourself in an atmosphere that pushes you outside your limits ( in a positive way now, kids ;) ). 
To reignite creativity this last week I surrounded myself by our tribe and took on the challenge of the hardest workout of my life.I also dove into a few books and studied deeper realms of advertising:) You know, that good ol' business stuff. However, coming together with the tribe this last week was one of the most re-inspiring days yet. We came together to shoot a ton of new arrivals that are now available! However, we also put together a very exciting project. We have so many announcements coming up and we cant wait to share whats next:) 
In the mean time, what inspires you? I would love to hear where you find your creativity! 


Enjoy my favorite documentary of the week. Talk about inspiration. Iris, you are a legend. 
"I don't have any rules, because if there were, I would just be breaking them all the time".  The words of a true creative. #90yearoldgoals
Demi Marchese
Tagged: Motivation


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