As a creative, and a business owner, we are constantly in the position to put new ideas together. We must be innovative, forward thinking, and always be on top of whats next to come. Where do these ideas stem from? Do they run out? How in the world was an idea like a fashion brand even created? 
All of us are fueled by outside sources - in the creative world especially. Music, film, magazine, people, name it. Each experience shapes our mind in different ways, opens our eyes to new perspectives, and is the subconscious fuel to what we are working on.
12th Tribe originated last year after traveling to Europe, and then Southeast Asia. As we channel style for the global soul, we seek to bring a live a tribe who craves adventure, lust, life and what the natural world has to offer. The places I have been, but also the people I have met, ultimately inspire the family like bond the Tribe rings, and without these experiences, my inspiration for 12th Tribe would have ran out quickly. 
However, I can't exactly get on a plane to Europe or Indonesia every other week, so how does the inspiration stay alive in the tribe? Pinterest, walking through World Market (guilty), going on hikes, and shooting (photoshoots, not literally shooting btw, lol).
Like I said, Pinterest, is a major source for what can keep me up at night. In fact, 12th Tribe has a number of boards that are filled with some of those things and if you want to join me on a pinning spree you can right here! For some odd reason, being outside, by the water, the mountains, the city, light me up. The colors, the sounds, the way the light hits buildings in the city when the sun is going down provide an everlasting surge and desire for experimentation.
Like I mentioned getting outside and traveling is where 12th Tribe originated from. Last year I launched a collection from Southeast Asia after what turned into a treasure hunt.  This year we are off again, but with an entire new crew! We won't be releasing the collection quite yet, although you can follow along on our journey to see behind the scene footage right on Snapchat! @TRIBEVIBES - The crew includes original tribe babes, Helen Owen, Kate Alvarado, Ally Courtnall so a good time is bound to be had. 
Join us on our adventure, but I also encourage you to go find one of your own. Whether its surrounding yourself with new people who bring alive energy that transforms your ideas into greatness, or picking a place on a map that will take you to unknown. Challenge yourself, and get uncomfortable, for you will find there is something even bigger and better waiting for a new you. January 2016 will mark a new year shortly and it's chance to be bigger than life, inspire and be inspired. 
Let's do this. 
What I'm wearing/loving!
Velvet Crush Shorts - HERE 
City Street Tank - HERE 
Demi Marchese


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