How To Make Your Apartment a Tropical Escape

Hello Tribe Babes. It's Demi here and I am taking over the blog for another Apartment Edition! That's right we are going inside my room for a look at how I took this very bare room and transformed it into my tropical relaxing oasis. Channeling neutrals throughout with touches of brass and deep greens for a tropical tone, I wanted to bring alive some of the places I have been right into the comfort of my own home.
Have you moved every single year of your life? Well, I have. In college I moved every year and when I moved to LA I have continued to do the same thing. As a result, I have found myself lacking interest in investing staple pieces that will last me a long time. I am also extremely indecisive with my style and tend to drift to many different aesthetics. After this last move though, I finally felt like I found a home that I would want to stay in for a while and it is a place that matches exactly the vibe I wanted to go for.
The counter tops are white with clean lines, the floors are grey wood and the walls are white. I was fortunate to find a new building in Los Angeles and this was it.
Tips for investment pieces: Timeless is key. My style has changed so much through the years. There are a few key pieces in my room that I know I will have for a long time. These include my dresser, bed frame and headboard and shelves. The headboard I chose is a simple black leather headboard. I also went with the Alton White Dresser (more like bone) from Living Spaces. This is mid century inspired with tapered legs and six drawers. For both, I chose a neutral or color black. I did this so that I could keep these key pieces over time, but change the accents from neutrals to colors! It will transition through any season and be with me through my 20's and 30's. BTW - at first I felt like I was playing it too safe, but I am already pretty positive these will be with me for years. 
Here are a few of my focus pieces that I believe will transition through styles and years of my life!

Simple Leather Black Bed Frame. Purchased the first one below and included similar options! 

How I Make My Room Feel Tranquil 
After a long day I love coming home to my room to relax. To be completely honest with you, I started 12th Tribe in my room when I first moved to LA. During that time I started to hate my room. I woke up, rolled over and started working for hours alone. It was a place I slightly despised because not only was my work stressful, but I never left the space. I am sure some of you have felt this way. During this time I found there was a few must have's in my room to keep tranquility and make me feel calm. I have carried these on to the place I am now. 
Candles + Room Freshener - Homegoods I cannot speak enough about. I know you know how obsessed I am. Probably just like yourself. However, no matter what I leave home goods with a $4 candle and $3 lavender spray. Right now I currently have my $4 Sand + Fog Goji Berry (which, on AMAZON has for $20. Sorry guys.). It's a light scent like being by the ocean. Nothing too potent and when I light it the smell carries just enough through the room. It's always important to have a scent in your room that doesn't burn someones nostrils. You might not realize how much a smell can affect you, but it is ultra calming. That goes especially for lavender. The lavender spray I have goes in the air over my bed. It falls lightly onto the covers and when I go to bed I can smell the faint smell on my pillow. I've never slept better. 
Tropical Touches 
Bronze, Greens, Wood, and White! 
Plant Story: Do you know how hard it is to find a good large plant? I have been to a handful of plant shops - I've turned into a plant lady like no other. I wanted to stay away from faux because I was seeing greens that didn't cheap fake. You could tell they were fake and they had a weird shiny tiny tint to them. It just looked cheap - crazy thing was, they weren't! Silk plants are expensive! 
I finally found a banana palm at World Market. It was pricey, but has no possible way to die and will always be with me. I have small additions to that plant family around the room and try to always have fresh white roses or another flower in white for tranquility ($5 Trader Joes Flowers...the best!). Single greens or small cactuses are also my favorite decor elements.

Statement pieces Pillows, art and mirrors!

We all like to be matchy matchy sometimes, but this is your chance to mix those metals and for it to be completely okay! I love mixing golds and silvers against other prints because it adds depth and character. These are the pieces I let tell the story. Often times, they come from places I have traveled too or remind me of a place around the world. I also love to use some of my finer accessory items as decor. Mixing metals is fun, but you have to be careful when doing this. It can become too mismatched and overbearing. 
Here are a few tips I've learned to mix and match metals:
1. Choose a dominant metal - choose one main metal and 1-2 other metals to accent the look. Primary metals ensure a space of unity, while accent metals guide your eyes throughout the room. 
2. Mix Textures - According to Kathy Kuo, "Varying the texture of your metal finishes can make all of the difference in defining a space. Don’t be afraid to have more than one (but more than three is going to be too much). Combine matte, polished, and hammered finishes for a truly rich and visually delicious atmosphere!"
3. Keep it subtle - Multiple metals are great for comforting your space, but you don't want them to compete. Less is more. 3 finishes on metals is more than enough. I usually keep it to 2. To neutralize the room, I'll try iron, wood or non metallic finish (my dresser). 
You can shop some of the accents below. I hope you enjoyed this quick (but not really that quick) recap of my room!
Let us know if you like these below:) We love decor, and would love to hear if you do too!


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