Tribe Treasure Hunt | Kauai, Hawaii

When I was a Junior in College I took a trip abroad that completely changed my life. This trip was before heading into Senior year, which is naturally a college students most stressful period of time as they figure out what in the world they are going to do in the real world. 


I took no moment for granted as I bounced from new countries and as my real world career continually brushed my mind I realized I could dream of nothing more than a career that would bring alive vibes of the world and places I visited. 


I’ve grown up traveling. However, it was not until this trip that I had a complete mental shift. I came back a new person and was hungry to learn, explore and see what was out there.


I now sit in Kauai, Hawaii and although it is not out of the country it certainly feels like I’m on the other side of the world. The land is some of the lushest I have ever seen and the softness of the sand melts between your toes. It’s a place that will take you complete zen and vibrations of the waves move deep into your soul. Good company certainly can help with this, but this is land that moves you in all of the right ways and takes you away to heaven on earth. It truly is something special. 


After sharing some of our travels on social media, it sounds like many of you have adventured to this beautiful island, or have plans to do so. With 5 very thorough days spent in the Kauai, below are some of my favorites that are bound to rejuvenate  your soul. 


Wimea Canyon in the Thrasher Shorts

Wailea Falls 


Beach House Restaurant 


Our view from the dinner table. Wearing Mad Behaviour Romper in Small. 

Shipwrecks Beach



This tucked away beach is a hot spot for surfers. While en route to North Shore, this was a pit stop along the way where my boyfriend took a dive with the sharks (surfed) and I roamed the cliffs.

Wearing Full Bloom Floral Wrap Crop + Thrasher Shorts


I lived in this top! The lightweight material is perfect for this weather and acts as a killer cover up or sassy top with shorts. 

Boyfriend Blouse available here


The most important thing to me while traveling is staying comfortable. Needless to say, Thrasher Shorts have gone around the world and back, but this time the Boyfriend Blouse was the ultimate travel wingman. I'm 5'3 so it is definitely oversized, but I'm telling ya with just a little tuck into the front of your jeans it is such a sexy little top. You can even wear it over your swim suit as a cover up!



Now you can't forget a rainbow. One of Hawaii's prized possessions. While rain may come in and a storm may brew for just a few minutes (literally minutes and then it's sunny), it will leave for some of the most beautiful rainbows you will have laid your eyes on!

Hawaii was a magical place and I cannot wait to visit again. Thank you for an amazing treasure hunt and chance to learn more about a new place. Until the next one! 

Btw - this next one is going to be the best one yet! 

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