4 Tips Of Self Care

It all starts with, YOU.
Most of the time we forget to take care of ourselves because we are so busy trying to succeed in other aspects of our life: relationships, work, family, school... the list will forever go on. However, have you ever took a step back and asked yourself the question: what am I doing to make MYSELF happy?
The crickets & unresponsiveness is enough to guarantee that's a no.
Well here is your sign, your moment, your silver lining in focusing on you and how you can improve your life solely for yourself and throw work obligations & people pleasing out the window (for a bit at least)  
Mute those phone notifications and silence your work g-chat. This moment is for you. Use these helpful tips as a guide to euphoria.




  • Skyler Baldwin

    Omg love this post! Thank you so much, definitely needed going back into the school year! Xx

  • Ashley

    Self Care is so important! It’s hard to take into account that we need to take care of ourselves mentally, not just physically. I love making art and working through my emotions as a way of self care! It definitely helps to have an outlet of expression!

  • Tara

    These are so good!! It’s so important to take time for ourselves since life can be so crazy and hectic most of the time. I love to do my full skin care routine with masks once or twice a week and just relax with wine. Time without thinking about work or my future!

  • Emily

    Soooo important to make time for ourselves!! I love a night in painting and doing yoga every once in a while to ground myself!

  • Annabella

    I love these Selfcare Tips! I totally resonate with all of them. It’s so important to make time to take care of ourselves so we can be healthy and loving human beings. I need my weekly 20 min Epsom Salt full-body bath or foot bath! ❤

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