Every week Monday's seem to suck. Instagram posts read: "I wish it was Sunday" or "Warning. Going to sleep on Sunday will cause Monday." 

As the weekend comes to a halt, that noticeable trend among societies working class and the attitude toward the first day of the new week continually resides. We hate it. Despise it. We've established a firm idea that Monday's just kinda suck. 

I was a guilty contributor to this idea throughout high school. Although, slugging into class with no motivation about the new day had a drastic effect on my 8 hour class schedule, along with the rest of the week. As college came around, I began to shift mindsets and gather a more positive approach to the new week, noticing a 180 degree shift in happiness and productivity. As an Entrepreneur, I've especially noticed the importance of approaching each day like this, but ESPECIALLY Monday. 

Monday Matters has now become a mantra among my house. Going into the week with the idea that this is a fresh new start and a clean slate from lasts, promotes a new found working mentality within all of us. There's so much morning energy -- I love it!

Monday might be like that hump in the beginning of a run, but if you keep jogging, you're bound to get over it and once you do it's smooth sailing. Take Monday as a new challenge. It's a new slate for the week and the opportunity to do better than the last. Make a list and write down your daily and weekly goals, throw on a morning pump up song and go into the day remembering Monday's Matter. 

Here's one of my favorite morning motivation songs. Leave a comment below and tell me what yours is! 



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  • Taylor Chrisman

    Suddenly I See – KT Tunstall (Devil Wears Prada inspired!)

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