What prompted you to start a business? 

I've had some rad girls reach out and ask questions about the whole process behind 12th Tribe. I figured I would answer a few of them here! It's so much fun talking to all of you who are about to embark on new journeys. Feel free to keep commenting below or on my Instagram (@demimarchese) and I'll answer them here:) 
When I started my business last year I had just finished college. I had just went through a breakup and had NO idea what I was going to do with my career. I was pretty devastated and completely lost. Definitely on that typical post grad freak out train. I made the decision to move back home to figure it all out. There was two things I knew I wanted to be a part of my life. Travel and fashion. How do I incorporate both of these into my lifelong career? I had no idea, but I figured there had to be a way. I picked up a job at our families branding company, and on the side sent resumes to brands in the Fashion Industry. Within a few weeks I had landed an interview with Nasty Gal. During those few weeks though, I took a small personal style blog I had created through college and turned it into a selling outlet where people could purchase handpicked vintage shorts and tee's. Little did I know, people actually wanted to wear what I was selling and apparently my blog had a following? I started to put more energy and time into the site loosing focus in the whole go to interviews thing. People thought I was a little crazy, but I couldn't neglect how amazing it felt to dive into an industry I loved and to have my hands in it all.  Needless to say, I passed on the Nasty Gal interview and told my dad I was no longer sending resumes out. 12th Tribe was in effect and as the vision grew it became more fun and more real. 
Starting a business was also tempted from my entrepreneurial roots. My mother started a business around my age and I have watched the ups and downs through my entire life. Yes, I saw how hard it is, but I also saw how important it is to follow your passion and do what you love. I may find myself working 15 hour days sometimes, but when it's something you enjoy doing the last thing it feels like is work. I've met people who are tempted by the idea to start a business and they aren't sure how to take the first step. I'll admit yes, It may be a scary risk, but in the end a passionate career choice will make all the world a difference. You 6:30 AM alarm clock really won't be all that bad:) 
Where you nervous doing something "different"?
While I had  family support, I was also extremely nervous to step away from the "normal" routine of working for someone else. I was living in a town where every kid I was friends with had killer jobs working for large tech companies in San Francisco. Here I was spending my nights... weekends..every free hour learning accounting, how to build a website, setting up photoshoots, finding models...all of it.  I had to remind myself that okay you're feeling uncomfortable, but if you're uncomfortable, you're growing and in order to be successful, you must grow! Outside influences are going to affect you. No doubt. They might make you feel more at ease, but also less. However, I've learned that if you keep your eye on what other people were doing, it will only distract you from what you really want. Staying focused on your vision, not someone else's is vital. 
The status quo, or to maintain things the way that they are, becomes routine for us individuals as we are intimidated to step away from what people are typically experiencing and what most find “acceptable.” I can admit I’ve found myself taking the easy way out in life and continue on the same route, easily swayed by others opinions and nervous for what the future unfolds. However with embracing more challenges and obstacles that come our way we begin to utilize potential within that we never would have known existed. 
So why not change up the next 24 hours we are presented with. You don't have to go start a business, but try preparing the next day by asking ourselves - should I be doing more? What scares me? And what can I do tomorrow that will be different than today? And whatever those answers might be, strive for it to be something you’re not at ease with. Go face that fear and get comfortable with the uncomfortable. The higher you climb the higher you will see because If we stand at the bottom of the mountain day after day not only will we grow tiresome of the view, but we will never know what is on that other side awaiting our arrival. And trust me, there is a whole lot out there.
Weekend Favorites from the Tribe's New Collection 
Now let's talk some of these new arrivals in the Tribe's Treasure chest! Kidding you not, I live in this plaid dress. Rewind. Me, my roommate and best friend all live in this dress. It's definitely 100 degrees in LA right now, but it's been a clutch piece to wear at night as it cools down. The plaid dress is super light weight and buttons half way from the top. It's really unfortunate you can't feel how soft this bad boy is, but trust me on this one - it's going to be a solid staple for fall attire. 
In fact, I got super stoked stealing the latest Military Fringe jacket to toss over it. Let's pretend its 50 degrees - tights, beanies and booties with this look....um, yes! 

Pretty in Plaid Dress available here

Lush Military Fringe Jacket available here

Turquoise and Tobacco Veracruz Leather Choker here 

Lack of Color Silence Hat here 

(^^ another one I'm living in) 
Demi Marchese


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Dear Demi,

I love the passion and drive that you had/have for your own business. However, your company name is appropriated from indigenous peoples. Would you consider changing your name to something that is inclusive for all women?

— Brooke

Hi Demi,
Just wondering if Photography and editing was something you learned while in school or if you taught yourself in the middle of opening 12th tribe? Thanks!

— Alissa

Hi Demi,
Just wondering if Photography and editing was something you learned while in school or if you taught yourself in the middle of opening 12th tribe? Thanks!

— Alissa

Hi Demi!
Love reading your blog and shopping 12th Tribe. You’ve been awesome to work with. Would you mind sharing about your daily routine? What are some of the things you do each day?

Thank you:)

— Jen