Words of Encouragement

Last week the Tribe took a trip down south to Mexico (viewable all on snap @ tribevibes). It was so much taking you all with me down to the Sea of Cortez. It was a nice change of scenery from the typical office vibes. Might I add, our generation is pretty darn lucky to have the ability to do this. There are times I hate technology, but this was definitely not one of them. My office is mobile and even in a different country it feels like you are right next to me! 

When I'm in these beautiful places, I make sure to have digital detox on the plane, by the water or in my hotel room. Wherever it is, it's my time to dive into a magazine or good book without distraction. I'm an avid reader of Entrepreneur Magazine and I was far passed due on this months edition. This time I stumbled across an article that had me drawn from the title, "words of encouragement". 

"Encouragement. It sounds like such a small thing. Subtle. Cute. It's what we do with timid kittens. But encouragement isn't cute. Its fraught and powerful."

To encourage is to instill courage into someone and far more compelling than motivation. We sometimes confuse the two. As the topic of encouragement came to rise, it instantly resonated with Nylon's interview of Cara Delevingne I had just watched. She speaks about the lack of encouragement the modeling industry had. It saddened me to hear this because the industry is tough on women's self esteem as it is. All eyes are on a model in that moment and even after. Now never mind the most sought after female in the fashion world. The lack of encouragement tore her down and pushed her away from what she had originally loved most. It may seem obvious how important it is to be motivating and encouraging to others, but sometimes we just don't do it the right way. 

I have worked with models who have come a long way. As they have grown, so have I. Ive thrown myself behind the lens, but also in front of it, not to be the show, but to learn how to direct in a positive way and walk a minute in their shoes. We learn a lot from each other. In fact, it's become noticeably important to me to realize that in order to efficiently encourage you must deliver "bad" news in a way that is constructive and promotes an ability to grow, not that just bashes them into the ground.  

I truly believe we all have the ability to encourage someone everyday; whether you work with them or not. It's a matter of bringing alive positive remarks. Remember though, with encouragement comes discouragement and while many despise discouregement, the reward is far worth it. You help someone acknowledge a part of them that they didn't know could be take them higher to their next goal.

You're unlocking a sweet part of their potential and helping achieve something greater. It's not merely motivation, it's magical. 

I encourage you to push someone a little bit further this week. Look closely at where their strengths lie and what they could be doing even the slightest bit better. Even look closely at your own strengths and ask yourself where you could be better. We're all going to make it, just keep pulling each other up. 

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 Today's song of encouragement ;) What are you listening to?!







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