It’s Monday and you’re not feeling motivated. We’ve all been there, even myself. I know I come across like I am always inspired and motivated AF, but lets be real we all go through slumps and creative halts. 

For me, some weeks are worse than others. What’s interesting, is the reason why I don’t have motivation is still sometimes not apparent. I have no idea what can cause this lack of interest to work or be creative. I can be on fire, working my butt off with ideas coming out right and left one week, and the next a total boring slate.

During these times I find myself getting extremely anxious. It’s hard for me to focus, and ultimately I spiral. I just get even more unmotivated. Fortunately, I have found quite a few ways to get me out of these feelings. It might take me a few more than just one, but I can guarantee if you aren’t feeling your hot and boss like self, one of these will help do the trick to get you plugging away!



  1. Identify the reason you might not feel motivated. Is it your environment? Your daily routine? The people you are around? If you don’t know, start trying to dig into what it may be so you can change it up. For example, when I’m not in the mood to do any work I always rearrange my office or rooms I am often in. I love Fung shui and after I re arrange a room, I feel SO good. It’s crazy, but I move a couch, table, or re arrange my desk, and I am a whole new person ready to rock. Next, try putting yourself around someone who is doing cool shit and in a similar industry or lifestyle. Hear how and what they may be doing - let it excite you and remind you of all the possibilities. 


  1. Spike your serotonin -  Hop on the treadmill, run down the street, do jumping jacks, or heck, start dancing in your room. Get moving! There ar times where I am lacking so much motivation I don’t even want to do one of the things I love most - workout. I’ve been through a full week of avoiding the gym because I am lacking any drive to break a sweat. How do I fix that? Book a class. Book a class that charges you if you cancel! AND find no excuse to not go. You literally have someone working you out, so all you have to do is show up. Do this first thing in the morning and it will kick start your day. You will have already conquered a major task, you become stimulated and feel real good.


  1. Read, podcast, and write. - shock your mind with new information and words from people you admire. Read a book about some of the greatest people in your industry and their trials/tribulations. Listen to a podcast of someone sharing information about an idea you have never imagined learning. Write your goals, dreams and ambitions. Start to think BIG. Get inspired by big thinkers around you and push the idea of any reality you might have. Think so big you get excited about waking up tomorrow or starting your next task. Imagine yourself where you want to be and truly embrace the feeling of what it might feel like once you are there. 
  2. Pinterest -  When I am feeling creatively drained I love scrolling through Pinterest. I find a whole new world that inspires me. This is so easy to do at any time too - we totally forget. It's on our phone and accessible whenever. Your can even throw on your podcast while scrolling and kill two birds with one stone. My favorite pins to look at our, our Words of Wisdom (Inspiring quotes) or Places. Ironic, because I own a fashion business, but these two really help me get moving. 

Hopefully those few points will help you moving forward, but if you ever need a little more TLC on the motivational side feel free to connect with me @demimarchese

In the mean time, what keep you guys motivated? Comment below - I'd love to hear these! 


Outfit Details // Levi Thrasher Jeans Palma Boater Skylar Blue Wrap Top (wearing size large to tuck in!).

Demi Marchese


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Love the tips!
I would also add: pampering (getting nails, hair and eyebrows done) and dressing up- especially on bad days

— Steph

This is exactly what I needed to hear this morning! Self care is so important. Currently scrolling through Pinterest to get myself motivated again :).

Thanks Demi!

— Lauren Jean