How Perspective Can Change Your Life 


What you focus on you attract. Have you ever heard of the law of attraction? Essentially, it is the belief that the universe creates and provides for you that which your thoughts are focused on. Let's face it - we are guilty of looking at the glass half empty sometimes, but if we really think about the option we have, doesn’t it sound so much more fun to think of the glass half full? Half full of what you love. Half full of opportunity, potential and so much excitement. How much more exciting does all of that sound versus….half empty of opportunity, half empty and almost gone of any potential you have. 

 Enough about cups, let’s talk about real life because this is a very important topic to chat with you guys about. It has changed my entire life. It has lifted me out of depression, feeling of defeat, and the thought of almost quitting. Yes, I almost quit 12th Tribe. 


How many times have you failed? A lot? Yup, same. How many times have you looked at those failures as complete defeat. You let it beat you down. You told yourself, I’m not good at this. How will anyone think I am going to be successful? I can’t believe this happened to me. You start to spiral out of control. Your anxiety goes haywire and you’re eventually in a mindset so low and defeated - the mountain to climb out looks higher than it has ever looked in the past.  Your physical and mental energy is draining and you begin to feel depressed. I have been here before, and I am sure you have too. So guess what, WE ALL FAIL. It is how we view this failure or set back that will change our lives forever (really, forever? yes. forever). 




The next time you let your mind begin to say, Why is this happening? IMMEDIATELY, get out a piece of paper and write down this question. What is this teaching me?  We weren’t made to only learn in school. Every single day of our lives we are presented with learning opportunities. When we learn we GROW. We become brighter, smarter, and closer to our fullest potential so take advantage of all of the moments we are faced with analyzing and learning something. Anything! 

Start to write down what this problem in your life has taught you. If it was a break up - why was this relationship not right for me? What did this teach me about what I want for the future? If it was being fired from a job - What should I work on in the future to be a better employee? What did I learn from the boss and employees I worked among? By looking at each problem in your life in a positive way you begin to identify your strengths and weaknesses, and how they will both become stronger to build you into a better person. It will begin to excite you to move forward and challenge yourself to be even better than before. 


Recently I have had a few days where I really felt like shit was hitting the fan. I started to spin out of control with feelings of crazy emotion - literally, like omg I am going to die this is the worst. (okay, dramatic AF). Self talk kicked in - I realized, demi…you need to chill because right now you sound insane, let’s look at the overall problem and figure out how to fix it and do better! I also reminded myself, of all the other crazy shit I have been through and here I am still alive and doing well. You guys, we will all be okay. Get in touch with that inner self talk and remember you have ALL the control over the way you view your entire life. 

 Perspective truly is everything and as you start to be more positive about what happens in your life, you will start to appreciate the small things. You will also begin to see how many amazing things are happening to you every single day. 

How can you get better at this? 

Few tips below to keep your perspective in check. Let me know which ones you guys like, or if you have any more ideas! 

Acknowledge the small things - what do we take for granted every day that make us so happy? The smell of coffee in the morning. Your new favorite song in the car, yoga, seeing your best friend, clean laundry - there is a lot of beauty in our lives we take for granted and my noticing them every day we begin to appreciate the overall positivity we carry.


Daily Affirmation - Look yourself in the mirror and tell yourself, I am an amazing, beautiful, badass person. I work hard, I will never give up and I will pursue all of the dreams. Thoughts become things!


Journaling - Writing down your goals make them feel real. If you are having a rough time and need to scream about it, write it down. Getting it out on paper will allow you to get some of the feelings out and not be so overwhelmed by them. 


Show gratitude - Be grateful for those around you and show them you care. Showing gratitude can make you feel more satisfied with where you are in life and the people and situation you surround yourself with. If you are feeling negative, find a way to show gratitude to focus on something that gives you joy and can get rid of the worries. 


Try a few of these and let me know how they go!

Perspective perspective perspective:) 

Have a beautiful day!






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